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I'm Just a Little Black Rain Cloud
2004-12-12 - 9:24 p.m.

See me in the silver? I had to crop this pic. Actually, most of the ones we took. I swear I look like a rain cloud or a moose. A Merry Christmoose. But this is the pic that will go in all the Christmas cards that I am totally lagging on getting out. My little one had bad red eye in the pic so I tried to fix it with this red out program so she kinda looks a little fierce. Anyway, that's us for Christmus. I am so freakin' funny....Okaaay then.

Yesterday we went to the Christmas Market at the Rathaus. It's this huge old building where either Mozart or Beethoven or maybe both performed at one time. But it's sort of like a tradition if you live here to go to the Christmas Markets and drink gluvine (that's a warm, spiced red wine) It's sorta spiced like apple cider. Kelly got some roasted chestnuts. She says they are so good and she loves them. I say blech. but you know, to each his own. Alot of Americans here don't care for gluvine but I like it. Kelly said it tasted like vomit.

I was in search of an ornament that said Vienna or Austria on it (I'm collecting ornaments from around the world) and a Nutcracker. I found an ornament, actually, I found both that and Nutcrackers but they were asking about 50 to 100 US bucks for the little wooden soldier so I passed on it for now.

After we left the Market we went to the theater to see The Incredibles. The kids loved it. Even my 13 year-old daughter who is too cool for that sort of stuff really liked it. Alot of action for a Disney movie. Maybe too much for say 4 and under. We liked it though. The ending is hilarious and I won't say why so not to spoil it but that had to be the best part of the whole movie.

Today we went to a Christmas party at the marine house where the kids saw Santa Claus and I actually got all 3 of them to pose with the jolly dude. AND they smiled. I'm such a lucky lady. And now it's time for bed.

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