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2004-10-04 - 4:03 p.m.

I had softball practice this weekend. You shoulda seen the way I was knocking that ball outta the park. Images of my ex (who, Iím guessing decided not to call his kids anymore) and his ever so lovely and wonderful girlfriend were my inspiration. Whack. Smack. Crack. And itís outta there. If the whole team pulls together we will be having a tournament in Prague in 2 weeks.

I got my costume for Halloween. Itís a cow suit. I will be a cow. My husband was worried that I might get some sort of a complex being a chunky woman as a cow. I thought it would be fun. ďGet your mind out of the gutter, get your hands of my utter. Iím a cow. Moooo.Ē See, I wanted to do a couples theme this year. The problem is he had his heart set on being poop. Literally. He got the ďTough Sh#t ď costume. I didnít want to go as one of the other poops (Bull, Chicken, Holy, Hot, and Crock of) so a cow was the best coupling I could think of. I think itíll be a riot. But Iím real cool like that. You knew already Iím sure.

Speaking of Halloween, did I mention that I am Chairman of the Halloween committee this year? Yea, so I get to have these meetings all about Halloween. We are gonna have us a wingding! And Iím in charge of it all.

There used to be this thrift shop on the corner of Broadway in Chula Vista and every October they would paint Halloween-ish pictures on it and have some sales pitch. My favorite was Spooooktacular Savings! When the kids were little, I shout it out every time we passed by, which was like 3 times a day. That was pretty random but I just remembered it.

October is my absolute favorite month of the year. I love the fall but I love October most. I like to celebrate the month. Donít ask why but I always feel the happiest, the most Alive in October. I love the smell of the air and itís crispness. The leaves are all changing hues and floating downward so rapidly. The weather is perfect for me. I have this book October Dreams that I waited till the 1st to start reading. Itís a compilation of short horror stories from some well-known authors. It wouldíve been silly to start it in Sept. since itís all about October. Speaking of silly, I have put away all my flowery and spring colored clothes. I just find it wrong to be out in clothes that were not autumn coordinated. Anyway, Iím off to enjoy the rest of the day.

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