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2004-07-03 - 11:27 a.m.

We went to a party at one of the Ambassadorsí house last night to celebrate Independence Day. We didnít make the guest list last year so I decided we should jump on it this year seeing as how we made the coveted list. The majority of the guests are the Austrian elite. They are the doctors and lawyers and power people and other than the Marines only a handful of Americans are invited to represent the US. I was one of them. Is that a riot or what? So finally I had the opportunity to wear this dress on got on clearance from Just My Size cause you know, it was my size. It was a lovely shade of summer blue. I think I made that color up. Summer blue. OK so anyway, I wore these cute open toes sandals but I have really fat, caveman type feet so I had to wear some pantyhose (control top) so I could stuff my Flintstones in them. I know, fashion faux pause but when ya gotta, ya gotta. Still, I thought I was looking pretty good.

So we get there and I have to shake their hands while a guy takes pictures. Iíd met them before but I guess this is how it works. The have this huge backyard and they had a big white tent with all these tables that were decorated and men walking around in cute little red, white and blue hats serving wine. There was even a beer tent where they served German beer on tap and had a little bar there where the men smoked their cigars.

At first we just grabbed a bench and sat and tried to have animated conversation with each other so we wouldnít look as out of place as we felt. We had only seen maybe 2 other people that we knew and were surrounded by strangers. I was all set to eat then split. I went to stand in line for the food, which were grilled filet minion and baked potatoes and corn and whatnot. I like ketchup with my meat. I donít care what it is. I like it with ketchup so you just know 3 different people said, ďYour not putting ketchup on that are you??Ē And yes, I did. Cause thatís the way uh-huh, uh-huh I like it. I met some woman from London in line who was very nice and we conversed for a bit, her sounding intelligent and well versed, me sounding like a tard. It was nice though because she seemed to want to keep talking to me just the same.

A couple of our friends showed up and sat with us and after 3 glasses of wine I was much more at ease and having a good time. We ended up staying for quite awhile. I met this really cool old Austrian couple. They were rich and like an Austrian Thirston and Lovey Howell. They were really sweet and charming and I just wanted to reach out and touch her hair. I didnít of course, but thatís what I was thinking. I also met up with this guy that I knew from the Halloween party. He is older and has white hair and beard and lets just say he went to the Halloween Party as Uncle Sam and won second place. Anyway, as I may have mentioned before a lot of people here do that kissey face thing where they come up and you kiss the left and right cheek of the other person while they do the same. But when I approached him to say hi he kissed me right on the mouth! It was just a peck but Oh, my Bob I was kissed on the mouth by Uncle Sam, or a skinny Santa Clause. The guy is in his late 60s. I was kissed on the mouth by strange, old dude lips. It kind of freaked me out. We proceeded to talk a little and I played it off like it was nothing but, I still might have nightmares about that.

At any rate we had a pretty good time and I am glad that we went. And to those of you who know me, no, I didnít drink too much, or puke, or hit on anyone. I was very well behaved. And the coolest part was that they were handing out gifts as everyone departed. They handed out umbrellas. They were the expensive kind that is old time looking with the wooden handles and wooden pegs at the tips. How cool is that? Today is the big 4th Picnic at the Marine house that the kids can go to as well. There will be face painting and volleyball and more beer. Iím going to need a nap first.

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