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2004-07-01 - 9:23 a.m.

Sometimes when Iím driving along I play this little game in my head. Well itís not so much as a game as it is a little ego boost. Just not a real one. OK let me explain. When Iím driving and Iím wearing my really cool mom shades and I got Foreigner blasting on the stereo I imagine in my head that I am this knockout blonde in a sports car that everybody is checking out, instead of an overweight mom in an SUV. I pass by men on the street or in their cars and I give them the ďeyeĒ like ďoh yea, you know Iím hot, you know you want some of this. Oh yea.Ē Now, you should know, they arenít even looking at me, and the occasional one that does catch my ďeyeĒ looks at me like Iím mental. I donít know why I do this other than itís make-believe and I like to imagine for that 10 minutes or so that Iím a SUPAHSTAR. I am a housewife man, what do you expect?

So anyway, yesterday I was driving along and then I stopped at a light. I wasnít playing pretend yesterday. I was lost in my own thoughts twiddling my hair. I happen to glance sideways when I noticed a man looking at me. I turned away thinking it was just him making a side-glance of his own. I didnít put much stock into it. I turned again and there he was STARING at me. I thought I had something Iím my face so I wiped it. One last glance at him and he smiled at me. It was a kind of flirt. I didnít know what to do other than blush bright red and drive. I had to get out of there. I play my game so much but I never thought that someone would look back. I felt embarrassed. This guy was probably in his mid-40s with salt and pepper hair. He was tan and driving a Mercedes. Thatís no big deal here since Taxis are Mercedes but anyway, he wasnít bad looking for an older dude/manÖ I donít know. It just caught me off guard. I have long since stopped imagining men looking at me ďin that wayĒ. Unless they are drunk and that just doesnít count, thank you.

That was kind of a mini thrill of the day. Obviously, since Iím still thinking about it and even writing it down. I think it was just the pep I needed. A little reminder that I still have a little something-something. That just makes my day. Especially after I caught an 18-year-old intern ogling my husbandís non-existent butt at the Embassy pool yesterday. She did it right in front of me. I knew she was all of 18 because thatís the age where you do that kind of stuff because you just know a thirty-something year old housewife aint got nothing on you, yo. Oh yea, that was what was on my mind when I was driving now that I think of it. OK so it wasnít a teenage boy looking at me, but a guys a guy, right?

Oh and I noticed somebody in a federal prison visited my site yesterday. I just want to give a shout out to my peeps! No, but really, come and visit. Have a coke and a smile or a pipe and a pancake, or a cookie. Whatever you like, cause I am happy to have you. Leave a comment.

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