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2003-11-05 - 9:03 a.m.

I just love these gorgeous Autumn days. I look out my window and it looks like a patchwork quilt of colors on the hillside. It's beautiful. And oh so peaceful here. I could live here. Oh wait, I do. *grin*.

My friend Naomi, who lives in Las Vegas baby!, just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on the 3rd. This is her second child. Her first son, is 10. She is really going to be starting over again. Ugidabuh. We were best amigas in Jr. High. We did alot of crazy stuff together. I was out dancing with her the night I met my current husband, Glen. It's weird to think we've been friends for nearly 20 years now. Yikes. Anyway, congragulations La--I mean Naomi. hee.

My baby brother who is almost 30 will be a first time Daddy this month as well. I wish I could be there for the big event but we are continents away from one another. I am also praying he gets the job he applied for.

So, anyhoo, tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 32. For any of you younger folk who think youu will actually be smarter and more mature in your 30's....Fuhgetaboutit. At least, that's how it is for me. Nope. Not me. My body has hit forty, but my brain is still 17. wheee.

Question: If it's your birthday, and nobody knows it, and nobody celebrates it, .....do you REALLY get older?

If I was born in leap year would I only be 6?

Just a few thoughts to make you go hmmmm.

I will have a link up to my newest album from the pumpkin farm soon if anybody wants to view. The pictures are loverly. But for now, I must attempt the Nordic Track. Got to get in shape for the Ball. It's on the 15th ya know.

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