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I Got The "I'm Not Old At 32, Even if It's My Birthday...Ba-Luessss
2003-11-07 - 9:47 a.m.

Yesterday it was my birthday

I hung one more year on the line

I should be depressed

My lifes a mess

But I'm having a good time

Oh I've been lovin and lovin and lovin

Im exhausted from lovin so well

I should go to bed

but avoice in my head says

Ah, what the hell...

Have a good time...

I love that song. And it fits into todays entry. It's by Paul Simon for the younger generation who might not know. Anywho, Yes, yesterday was my birthday. I turned 32. *confetti toss*. Woo wooo. Go Alana, it's your birthday! Good, now that that's out of the way it was a rather uneventful day.

It's getting to be a sort of tradition for me. I was alone most of the day. Honey was at work and the kids were at school. I'm all alone...there's nobody here beside me....My Tro- Oh ok I will stop. I just overindulged in carrot cake this morning. I made it myself for my birthday.

helpful hint#7: For a smoother batter and lighter, fluffier cake, put batter in the blender for a few minutes. Just make sure you put the lid on.

Ok as I was saying, I was alone. So I bathed the cat. The man has cat allergies so once a month the cat gets it. He was not a happy cat. Then I trimmed his nails. He was then a very unhappy cat. But I gave hime some leftover spaghettios and he was good to go. By the way, is it ok to give a cat spaghettios?

Then I did laundry. I also learned how to use my photo studio thingy and printed some loverly pictures fit for wall hanging. That took up most of my day till the little monsters got home at 3. Then it was the usual homework/chores motherly nagging that I have mastered. Momma would be so proud.

Emily got her little backpack and said "Mom? Is it REALLY your birthday?"

And I told her, "yes it is." So she pulled out a folded piece of construction paper and handed it to me. She told me she made me a birfday card. There was a bunny inside. It looked like a monster bunny. Kind of evil with a big grin. But to me, of course, it was precious. On the back she wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMY LOVE YOU.

(hey, she's 3 1/2) It was the only card I got so I can definatly say it was the best.

Also by chance the package my sister and mother sent came yesterday. So I got me some presents. A cd of Simon and Garfunkel Essentials. A compilation of 33 songs from 6 albums. Go perfectly in the truck driving in this weather. And a cookbook from my mother of all kinds of treats. So I was jazzed. Honey got me a digital camera but it hasn't gotten here yet.

I wanted to go out to eat. I was hoping for TGIFridays (yes, they have one here) but opted for MickeyD's instead. (McDOnalds) That way the kids could share in the day and have cake. Maybe this weekend I'll go.

We didn't have any candles so they stuck several log and grill lighting matches on the cake. Well hey, at least no wax dripped on it, right? And they had to sing twice because Emi missed her cue the first time and needed to sing to me too. Then I made a wish. I wondered? What do people wish for before the candles are blown out? Health? money? Happiness? A mate? I dunno. If anyone wants to share past birthday wishes, please do, in my comments. I would really like to know. I will share mine later but I have to hold out to see if it comes true or not.

I topped off the evening gossiping with my best friend next door then came home and talked/played/annoyed/pinched/cuddled/ with Honey until I fell asleep. And I slept through the night.

And I woke up knowing I am 32. I used to think that was OLD. Now, that I'm here, I'm not all that mature yet, so I guess I'm not old. Buy that for a dollar?

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