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The Day My Momma Socked it to the Harper Valley PTA
2003-10-07 - 10:33 p.m.

I had a new look for awhile that I really liked. However, I need to get a few glitches fixed before I can keep it up so until then, by popular demand, enjoy my frog.

The weekend was busy and flew by me but in the news of change my hair is now dark auburn. Normally I'd be all, "Hey, this is good. I feel gooood...". I have had my hair colored before. Plenty. I just wasn't GOING for this color. Originally I was going for dark blonde. But all the hair dyes at the UN were in german. So, I picked one that looked the right color that was titled blond. It was more of an ASH blonde though and turned most of my hair a kind of a murky mossy green. See where this is going? So I went to the local store and got something that translated to dark blonde/light gold. So I used that and viola. Dark auburn with red highlights. Whee. I'm so festive.

I was voted into the APC as Co-Chair of the board. That's Emi's school. All I could think was (insert gold man statue here) You like me, you really like me. gush. gush.

But now I have to do actual WORK and I don't get paid. But I got a lil newsletter announcing me as Co-Chair. I am also a co-chair at AIS for the Halloween committee. I rock. Who'd have thunk it? Me? A total PTA mom. But for the first time in years, people actually turn to ME for advice and for my opinion. I am no longer that Metalhead/surfer/stoner chic of yesteryear. I own slacks even. I dont throw on jeans and a t-shirt. I put on "ensambles". Ok anyway, this is a ritzy private school and Halloween parties are kind of a new thing but it is shaping up to be awsome thanks to yours truly and her ghoulish ideas. Go me.

In other news, Kelly went to Budapest to play in the soccer tournament there. Her team won three of the four games they played. I wished I could have gone. But she plays at the school tomorrow. I'll be there for that. I have to support the team. You'd be suprised at how few parents and students bother to come for the games. They set a higher priority on the fine arts. I think that that's a good thing but those kids that play sports deserve some enthusiasm too.

The High School section is putting on a production this year that is stirring a bit of controversy amongst the parents. They are doing "The Laramie Project". As far as High school kids dealing with the subject matter, I am fine. I believe that they can handle it and that we should give these young adults more credit as far as their maturity and intelligence goes in handling such material. However, and here is where the real problem lies. The school is grades Pre-K through 12. Each grade group, as in 1-5, then 6-8 then 9-12 has there own sections but all children move throughout the school and there are posters displayed for the upcoming event everywhere. Many small children are asking questions that parents don't want to/shouldn't have to answer. It also doesn't allow for elementary school or Middle school to be able to attend. Sigh. Why couldn't they have just put on OKLAHOMA or something?

I think we are going to Vilseck for Halloween so the kids can Trick or Treat on the base there. I hope so cuz I need a break. Everyone else around here is going to Italy but we simply do not have the money for that yet. And my birthday is coming up. The big 32. I remember when 32 meant OLD PERSON. And as far as me shedding the weight to wear a size smaller by then? Fuh-getaboutit.

I'm going to post more pictures soon. Till then, this is AJ The Great signing over and out.

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