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It's My Party So I'll Dream If I Want To
2003-10-10 - 9:43 a.m.

I got my tickets to the ball yesterday. Whoopee! I am going to a BALL! I'll be like Cinderella. This'll be great since I never got to go to my prom because of SOMEONE else. But that was then, my friends because next month, November 15th to be exact, I am going to be the Belle of the ball. I hope. And I already have a dress!

When I was still in California, this friend of mine, who had a tattoo of a teardrop by her eye though she never went to prison and never murdered anyone that I am aware of, was going to get married. She used to be in Chicano gangs (but she is a white girl) and has gang tattoos covering both arms. That's probably irrelavant but she was a very sweet girl who I miss very much.

ANYWAY, she was going to get married in October of last year and she wanted me to be her maid of honor. SO, we went out dress shopping and found this really cool dress boutique off of Palomar that had tons of dresses for prom, weddings, special occassions etc. She decided on a lovely burgendy dress with little roses for straps, a flared skirt, and a scarf that matched. And it was cheap. It cost only 65.00. I bought it and hung it up for the big day. Only the big day never came. And I haven't heard from her since. So when I packed for Vienna, I packed the dress and sighed, thinking I'd never wear it. But now, whooppee! I get to wear it AND it's the right color for fall AND all the dresses out here that are identical run for 300 or more! Score!

I want to dress up and have my hair curled and put on gobs of facepaint. I want to use some of my little sampler bottle of givenchy parfum, and put on control-top pantyhose and high heel shoes that will hurt my feet. I wonder if you get a corsage too? And pretend it's the prom night I never had. Only we get to drink booze and eat there too. I want to lose 15 pounds in a month magically, too. Well, you never know. I want to dance all night and pretend I am 17 instead of 32. And it's in a swanky hotel here so maybe me and my "date" will sneak and get a room. heh. I am so excited.

The ball will be from 7 pm till 4 am. I hope I don't turn into a pumpkin after midnight. You saw that one coming didn't you?

It's been raining here for a few days and the temperature is in the 40's. Mighty nippy if you ask me. But I can wear all my comfy clothes and that is a good thing. We went to the Baumax (like a Home Depot) looking for one of those rack things you put in the fireplace to place the wood on. Nobody spoke good english. I was saying, "FIRE-PLACE" and waving my fingers up and down like what "fire" would look like. Then I did a little touch on my bum and made the tssss sound as in hot. Well, I am not for sure but I think he might have said "You are one crazy woman" in german. He sent me to the garden shop. We didn't find the rack. sigh. No fire yet. Ah well, we don't have the wood yet either.

In other news, we have a sattelite dish and a transformer do-dad thingy for tv. Once it is hooked up I will see American shows along with commercials. I haven't seen that in almost 8 months. I'm in no hurry but it's driving Hunny crazy that he can't watch da foozball yet. Hee.

Today Emi is leader at school which basically means I get to bring the class snack to school. I baked mini-muffins. Not to be super mom or anything, only cuz it was either that or bringing in half a can of pringles and a jar of applesauce. So yea, muffins. It is also picture day for her. He first official school picture day. Cute.

So that's all I got for now other then I'm bloated, my shoulder hurts, and I am out of coffee. So, kudos to all of you who love me and leave me cooments and you know who you are.

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