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2003-09-09 - 9:16 a.m.

I plan to start a catering business. Just a small one since I am the only one doing it. I will cater H'oerderves and pasta and salads. I betcha I spelled that first one wrong. It's a funky word to spell anyway. So like I was saying, I'm going to start this business. I had to help a friend over the weekend with a baby shower. So I thought, perfect time to do a little shameless, self-promoting right? I made a really cool spread. Pretty good for me if I do say so myself. Well, I was a hit and I sort of mentioned that I was going into business soon and already 2 woman want me. To cater I mean. pervs. So on that note, whoopee. Also, my friend took a picture of it before everybody macked out on it. I will use the pic for my ad in the Vienna Tales. So many woman here have little get-togethers, and coffees, and Pokino nights. They would love to have somebody else make the spread for them. That's where I'll come in. I rock.

Well, after the Baby shower, Glen packed up the kids and we headed to a pig roast at the marine house. It was packed with people. I was suprised at how many families showed up. And there was tons of food and kegs of beer. Some people had a volleyball tournament going on. No I didn't join. I was too busy with the food and blowing my diet to pieces. I didn't dare let Glen play. After his last stint as a "weekend warrior" and a badly sprained ankle I decided that we make better spectators for now. It was alot of fun. I had a rousing conversation with an Austrian guard. He spoke badly broken english and I speak next to no german. You can imagine. But he was nice enough and he told me I had the most beautiful eyes. Hey, I'll take a compliment whenever I can get it. The marine that looks like Vin Diesal was there too. His name is Jim so I call him Jim Diesal. I like to tease my husband about him. Not because I like the guy but because a little healthy dose of jealousy never hurt a husband. It reminds him to pay more attention to me. Yes, I do love my husband very much. I just gotta keep him on his toes every now and then.

The kids are starting off with a very busy fall year. Kelly made the soccer team here. It's a very big deal since she is only a 6th grader. There were seven other girls that didn't make it. They get to travel around Europe for tournaments. Tomorrow she leaves for a 3 day retreat with all the other 6th graders and teachers. It's kind of a getting to know you thing. They will visit salt mines and ice caves and hike and have campfires and "bond" for the school year. I think that is very cool.

Dylan is in the Cub scouts now. He is a weebaloe. This is something new for him. I hope it will help him. He is also in fall baseball. He has the same coach he had in the spring. Coach Freese is a really nice guy and good with the kids. I want him to see what other strengths he has. He has to be tested for Dyslexia soon. I have suspected it for years but the teachers in California wouldn't listen to me and I always got "he'll grow out of it". I am so angry with myself for excepting that answer when my heart told me otherwise. I should have pushed harder then. If I had, maybe he wouldn't be truggling so much now. Glen and I have had a couple of years of frustration. It's so hard to try to help your child with homework when his brain doesnt think or see things the same way. Hopefully, once he is tested we will learn new ways to help him. He is a very bright boy.

Right now, Glen is in Germany taking a mangement class of some sort so I am all alone for the week. And I got my monthly friend. I am so not happy. I was secretly hoping to be pregnant. I am on the pill though and we aren't trying yet. When Emily was born we said we would have one more starting when she turned 3. She is almost 4 and I am not supposed to get off the pill till the truck is paid off. That way we could trade it for a mini van. I know it's the smart thing to do, and I will but those baby urges have been hitting me so hard. It will be my last baby. Then I'll be cut, tied, burned, snipped, clipped and whatever else they do to sterilize you. I think 4 is plenty for me. I love my children immensely. I need to make sure I can provide adequatley for all of them. And nowadays, kids want so much more. Anyway, I hope to go off the pill in Nov. or Dec. Jan. at the latest. By brother and his wife, Amy, are having there first child in November. It's a girl. I am so excited for them. My brother-in-law and his wife, Serena, are having their first baby in January. They had an ultrasound yesterday to find out the sex. I am dying to know but I have to wait till tonight to find out because of the time difference. We are 9 hours ahead here.

I still have to go to the specialist for my knee. It has been causing me lots of pain lately. My appointment isn't until the 15th though. Ugh. I feel like baking today. It's cloudy and gray out. It looks like it's going to rain today. Fresh cookies or a cake would warm up the house and make it smell nice. The kids would be delighted. Just call me Martha Stewart eh? It's a good thing.

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