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2003-06-09 - 10:25 p.m.

It's late for me. I didn't nap today and... and...and I worked out. Not just a little but 3 hours worth. Do you realize what that is in FAT peoples' time????? That is like doing a friggin triatholon. I put in my 80s cd and did all kinds of moves. I lifted little 5 lb. weights. Over my head even. I am in awe of myself. Of course, every 15 minutes or so I quietly lay down on the floor and did this dog panting thing and DON"T say that doesn't count cuz I was doing little butt crunches or squinches or whatever you call them. I twisted and shook my booty and flexed and sucked in my gut in the mirror. Just like a guy. I felt all superior and strong and mighty and oh and ripe. yup, very ripe. I haven't moved my parts for that long of a period since Bessy got her tail caught in the ringer. Ok I made that part up, but it's been a loooong time. Oh yea, and I did a brief stint with the thigh master. I am woman! Hear me growl a bit! I showered after that using aloe vera shampoo and coconut body wash. I decided to go hippy chick today with my flowing peasant blouse and denim Capris with a brass beaded dragonfly covering my upper thigh. al little clippy to hold just a few strands of hair back on each side and barefoot. Viola! My look of the day. And that is about as productive as I got. Ok this is just gonna be one of those boring update entries for my family and friends back in the states but anyone may read and enjoy if you don't have anything else to do.

OK. Glen's ankle is still very swollen a month after he sprained it. Is that normal? Anyway, he and the neighbor, John are working on a project for all the kids in the area. They are building a 2 story treehouse with a 3 floor look out. It has ladders and rails and a slide and it is looking so cool. It even has a ramp to the first floor. I will take pictures when it is complete. But how cool is that?

I, besides being an enchilada makin', cookie bakin', body achin', mega mom drove to the comissary by myself last week. I don't remember if I mentioned that before but I did it. And I think I only did 2 illegal maneuvers. Not bad for me. But my gosh, how the heck are you supposed to know where you can make a U-turn here? And dammit, why can't you make a right turn on a red light??? And these people go on a combo red/yellow light. That apparantly means go cuz I'm going to turn green in a sec anyway. I didn't get lost either and I did it all from memory. I just want to thank my fans, friends, and most of all, my medication. Without you, I'd be nothing.

Kelly, went to another disco on friday night. Most of the same kids would be there. It was a going away party for a few of the 5th graders leaving post. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go and she said yes. I was more worried of a repeat of Wednesday night than she was I think. I prepared myself for when she came home. I had a few more humiliating stories about myself waiting you know, just in case. Well, 4 boys danced with her. 4. 2 were slow dances. which is weird for me that my 11 year old is slow dancing with a BOY. But she was absolutly glowing when she got home so I breathed a sigh of relief. Her grades were excellent of course. Near perfect and she had alot of good remarks from her teacher. I am pleased, I must say. She adjusted quite rapidly.

Dylan. My son. He got his grades back too. Although they weren't up there with Kellys (and I don't expect them to be as they are two entirely differnt kids) did very well considering. I mean, his grades were average and a few above average but that is quite a feat after all the adjustments. He scored excellent in art. Who knew? My son has alot of potential. It's just a matter of getting him motivated and him being willing to apply himself. We're working on that. His award ceremony for baseball was on Saturday. Rookie of the year was between him and another boy and he lost by a coin toss. I wished it would've been him but he was so pleased with his medal he said he was going to give it to his son some day. sniffle. That kid makes me so sentimental sometimes. Sunday was the farewell part for the Giants and he was awarded a Pete Rose award for being an outstanding catcher. (I might tell you about the way cool place we had the party at later and this very cool drink they make with champagne and rum soaked strawberries, heh) He wants to go pro. Coming here has been a Godsend. Dylan is happier than I have seen him in what seems like years. He asked if he could have a friend sleep over and I said yes. It is the first time he has ever had a friend stay the night and he was thrilled. I played the "cool" mom and gave them pizza and soda for dinner. I let them stay up late. Today the boys' mother took them to the Tropicana which is a indoor pool park. Slides and rafts and what not. I told Dylan in advance that when he saw boobies not to get embarrassed or make jokes or stare. People in Europe like to go topless at the public pools. alot. When he came home he said, "I did what you said mom. When I saw boobs I didn't laugh or stare." I'm proud. I think. He hasn't seen my breasts bare since he was 3 1/2 or 4 and he just saw a whole flock of them today. This'll take some getting used to. And no way in heck am I going to flash my puppies no matter who does here!

Emily is growing, growing. She is such a funny kid. Very imaginative. She is often playing off by herself. Making up stories and songs. She loves to help me clean. The kid does windows and toilets too so if there are any takers...just kidding. But no, really, she is well and happy here. There are at least 10 children in this area around her age or between 2 and 5. She plays in her sandbox, sprinklers lately. It's mighty humid in these parts. I have a perpetual sweat patch from my neck to my navel. Perpetual. That word brings back special memories. Anyway, she rides her bike, rides a scooter, skates and a zillion other things. She has a million bruises up and down her legs and two brand new quarter size scabs on her knees. Did she cry? Nope. She is a 3 foot tall 35 pound roughian. And she digs her road rashes. She likes to prove how tough and brave she is. Emily the mighty. And I am considering buying stock with Band-Aid.

Well, that's it for now. It's late. I am sweating like a farm animal of some sort and I didn't have a nap today. You know,I think my buttcheeks feel just a little tighter. I hope you all enjoyed. Tara and Melissa, you need to e-mail me or sign my guestbook. Brandi, how was kareoke and did you um, sing? Could everyone please give a prayer for my brother Tyler, who is in a very rough time in his life and could use a little light. Mom, Dad, I love you and I miss you all. Peace love and God Bless.

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