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Nothing that a little laughter won't cure
2003-06-04 - 11:20 p.m.

Dagnabit!! Fudge, truck, puck, sassafrassin, frickafrackin, gosh darn dung!!! I just lost a whole entry!!! Can I just say AAAAghghghghg!!!!! Ok so it was about my first born Kelly. I will do that entry again later. dang it and I was really going somewhere with it.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a special night. Kelly wore her new outfit that I bought for the disco tonight. She was so excited to be going to her first boy girl dance. She looked so cute in her skirt and top and I put a little pink eyeshadow and pink lip gloss on her to make her feel special. When she got there, all her friends were there and Glen and I went home to wait till it was over. We were excited to hear how it went.

She got home after 9 and I said "Kelly how was it?" and she said it was fun but her voice sounded close to tears. I said, "well?" and she said, "Nobody danced with me. They danced with the popular girls and even with the goofy, ugly girls." Not one boy approached her she said the goofy girl got asked to dance 4 times. She thinks it's because she is taller and that the boys only see her as a "friend". Dylan came in and said, "what's wrong?" And I whispered that no one asked her to dance. He told her, "if I was there I'd dance with you Kelly, you look real nice." He is so sweet for a 'stinky little brother'.

Well, Glen had been getting on her 15 minutes earlier about chores. He hadn't realized how hurt and upset she was. He saw her eyes watering up. So he went and got the radio and turned it on and said, "Kelly would you dance with me?" She held onto him and cried on his shoulder while he stroked her head and whispered that it would be ok. His shirt was soaked. Dylan and I ran upstairs and cried where she wouldnt see. We're a bit sentimental and soft-hearted I guess.

After he danced with her I went up to her room and we sat and talked for an hour. I told her about how the same thing happened to me at my first dance. How I stood by the wall with a smile on my face acting as though I'd rather be standing there jamming on the music when inside I was crushed. She nodded saying that's what she did. I told her she was so pretty that the boys were just afraid of rejection. I showed her, her yearbook from here. There are dozens of signatures from girls and boys. 2 boys even signed it XOXOXO.It was just one of those moments that I know she has to go through but I wish there was something I could do to take away the pain. I told her a couple of stories about my most embarrassing moments as an 11 year old. She laughed and sympathized and began to feel better.

I know there will be alot more difficult times she must endure and tears she must shed that are all part of growing up. It kind of sucks but I don't think it will be too bad. She has alot of support from me and Glen. And I let her know I will always be there for her and thankfully I have a mighty big book of most embarrassing moments to share with her that are good for a laugh. If that doesn't work, I'll be forced to give her wedgie/noogie combos or do a little bootylicious white girl dance for her so she knows that someday, she too can be cool like me. heh.

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