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2005-09-13 - 9:31 a.m.

I had quite a busy weekend that took some unusual turns I suppose. Saturday we went to a BBQ at the Ambassadors house. This guy is really great. Heís a lot more friendly and down to earth then the other Ambassadors that Iíve met. I really like him.

The weird thing is before that, Saturday morning I mean, dh and I woke up and had an unusual conversation. I donít know where it came from or why. Itís like living here, weíre breathing a truth serum and we couldnít stop ourselves. We revealed all and I do mean ALL of our indiscretions of the past to each other. They were mistakes that are long gone and I have to wonder why we were compelled to rehash them now. Neither of us was angry and we both seem to be in the same boat. But our slates are clean and after 10 years we seem to be starting on a fresh note. Good or bad, itís what weíve done. That part is over, moving on.

So yea then we went to the BBQ and followed that with a welcome dinner at his bossí house. 1. I liked all the free food. 2. I didnít have to cook. 3. It gave us more opportunities to get to know people. This is something you really need to do in a place like this. All you have is each other and itís swim or sink. On the bright side the people here are wonderfully friendly and much more laid back then a lot of the ones in Vienna. I fit right it or so I feel.

Sunday we went to this Gorilla Conservation type thing, which was really quite fun. A lot different then the zoo I tell ya. You can get up really close to the gorillas. I mean a few feet away and they are very active and playful. Itís set in the jungle so we say a few other treats as well. There was a giant millipede (about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick with red and black stripes) crossing the path, a snail that the guide picked up that was larger than his hand (about the size of a large grapefruit) and these giant ants that if they got on you was going to be hell. Glen discovered this as he was taking pictures of the baboons. One got on his neck and when he swiped it off it latched on to his hand. I was across the field and just saw him doing some wild bug jig that was actually quite hilarious if you could have seen it. Like slapstick comedy I laughed in spite of myself. We got pictures from there but until I get Internet access at home youíll have to wait. I made it a point to sing all my favorite jungle songs while walking through the paths like The Lion sleeps tonight, Bare Necessities, Hakuna Matada, Jungle Love, and Welcome to the Jungle. Oh yea, Iím cool like that.

So it was an interesting weekend to say the least. I have decided to go back on medication though until I am more used to the lifestyle changes here. It can be really easy to get depressed until you adjust so as a precaution I am beating my emotions to the punch. See if you start to feel bad there is no way out so itís better to avoid it if you can. Not that Iím thrilled to be back on medication but itís better than being depressed and unhappy any day. Speaking of medication, I have to take the daily malaria pills now instead of the weekly ones. The weekly ones made me feel funny and see things. Weird huh?

Anywho, feel free to talk to me. Iím always uplifted by you. Until next time.

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