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2005-05-03 - 9:23 a.m.

Last night was another fun one with the dogs. At 4 am Mistys cough was so bad I had to sit in the bathroom and steam it out so she could breath. Then she had to go to the bathroom. Scooter followed suit and had to go to the bathroom too. Not to be outdone he got poo stuck all over his fur so I found myself washing dog butt at 4:30 in the morning. Fun times, lemme tell ya.

This weekend we had a bbq and invited some friends over. As usual I made enough food for 50 people and only 10 were here. At least I didnít have to cook for the rest weekend. I donít have many friends here, but the ones I do have I really enjoy being around. Thatís all the matters though. One friend gotta a little drunk and saw kiwi in my kitchen and referred to them as ďgorilla ballsĒ and admitted that he couldnít eat them because they made him aggressive. Iíve heard weirder but that just struck me as hysterical. And speaking of the giggles..

I want to share a little bit of why I donít keep up with much TV wise. I am an American living in Austria and I donít speak a lick of German other than danke, bitte, Grus Gott and gut morgen. I donít watch local TV. We have AFN here for tv. It is military based programming. We have 8 channels. Four of the 8 show the same show 2 of the same on one and 2 of the same on the other. There is a program guide on another channel and the pentagon channel. And the news is always the same. Programs are anywhere from days behind to months behind whatís on in the states and Iím very limited. I donít watch a lot of TV for that reason. When I do watch itís just whateverís on. Not that itís a big deal but Iím just saying. I watch Dr. Phil and Oprah because they are on opposite of Wiggles. The Wiggles drive me nuts. For those of you who like the Wiggles I apologize. If I had my choice, Iíd totally watch Springer instead.

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