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This entry has nothing to do with falafels but it does mention Christmas
2004-12-30 - 9:50 a.m.

I can't seem to locate Word on my computer at the moment. Oh how will I ever write without spellcheck? I got the urge anyway because well, it's been a week and you know how exciting things are here.

The holidays were pretty quiet here. I did get the flu from Em and puked my guts up for a night, then Dylan got it and spewed all over yet another bathroom. That was Christmas Eve. He was fine by morning and nobody else became afflicted so all was well in the hurl dept. Since we didn't go to The Hague, I decided to make a huge holdiay dinner. I cooked for about 15 people. We had turkey, the ever-Bob-lovin'-drug-that-is-turkey-gravy, broccoli&cheese, mashed potatoes, candied yams and yea, you get the picture. I made it all just for the 5 of us. Hell, why not?

We didn't go all out on the kids for Christmas this year but they seemed to be pleased. They each got the "one thing" they wanted. Good thing I shopped in October. I got my presents in Nov. An mps car stereo to replace the one I broke in our broken truck and a new camcorder. Good thing Best Buy has a credit line. So on Christmas day I got candles. Cool enough, but word of advice: Even if they match and look cute, NEVER EVER wrap paper napkins with it. I'm just saying. I was really hoping for a Swarski sp? crystal frog but you know, that can be another day. I got Glen a 3-d Globe puzzle of the world. That way whenever we are about to embark on a new journey, he can point it out on the globe. The puzzle part of it was to give him something to do. An outlet if you will.

It was a nice quiet day. I drank wine and cooked. The kids played then we ate a big fantastic meal. In the evening we settled down to watch A Christmas Story. I love that movie.

It's weird that Peter Billingsly was a couple of years older than the kid who played the red-head Scut Farcus in the movie. And that kid was a foot taller. I forget his name but he used to play the brother Daaaaaave on the sitcom Titus. Yea I used to watch that show. I went online and ordered the movie that night as well as the 3-pack of Charlie Brown holiday shows. This was the first year I didn't get to see A Charlie Brown Christmas and I was pretty bummed. It's tradition. As with The Great Pumpkin on Halloween. I'm all about a little tradition baby.

OK so yea, It was all good and quiet but now it's over and could everyone please go back to work and school now? I can't watch Dr. Phil in peace. Ah, well they are re-runs so I guess it's ok for now. I still want to write about the Christmas parties at the Ambassadors and the one with the illuminating sinks in the WC. Those suckers glowed green, by golly!! Another day.

I went to the Schonnbrun palace the next day to check out the Christmas Market and lo and behold I found my beloved Nutcrackers. There were tons of them for no more than 8 to 12 euros. I got a couple for my mom and another one for myself. I don't know where my new fascination with Nutcrackers has come from but hey, I got 3 of em. Pretty colors too. Shiny. You can move the wooden flap up and down in the back and make 'em "talk". Fun times had by all with the Nutcrackers.

And another bright thing? Although I haven't dropped any fantastic poundage, I didn't GAIN anything over the holidays. Last year I porked up about 16 pounds. I lost that and this year it didn't come back. Ooh and speaking of, we watched a great documentary the other night. I swear, go rent "Super Size Me". It'll make you think twice about the fast food you're eating. It's kinda comical too. I don't eat the fast food here in Austria like I did in CA. but still I found this movie pretty good well, for a documentary. Really, watch it. Then go make a salad or something. Kidding. Til next time.

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