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2004-10-28 - 11:03 a.m.

Itís been like 10 days since I have updated. I truly lag in the writing department. But on a good note, the Halloween party that I was the head honcho, the main man, the number one coordinator, really kicked ass! You donít know how much that pleases me since there were a few people that not only didnít think I could pull it off but thought I was a big flaming moron as well. Of course everybody worked together and the party was pulled off nicely. Some said it was the best one yet. There were over 500 people attending in a sports hall at the school. The Hall looked great and everything ran smoothly. Iím trying not to be smug but I knew it would all go well. It was tough when no one believed in me though.

Saturday we headed off to Vilseck to the base and did some shopping. Lots of shopping. The drive there was simply gorgeous. The sun was shining and the view was spectacular. Every shade of color from gold, orange, brown, maroon, green had manifested itself in the trees. It was a perfect picturesque autumn day. I wish I had a quilt of the colors I saw. Anyway, we got there and shopped til we dropped. I can honestly say I am spent. Heh.

On the ride home Kelly decided to have some sort of stomach flu and we made about 6 puke stops. Not to mention the puking in a plastic bag in the truck. On the bright side it only lasted for 24 hours for her. On the dark side, we sat in the truck with her for 6 hours so I am just waiting for the rest of us to get it. It better not hit me on the 6th. Thatís the night of the ball and lest you all forget, my birthday.

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