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2004-06-13 - 6:11 p.m.

OK, instead of just reading everyone else’s journal I will now write in my own. So many times I have wanted to sit down and write but I never manage to. Eh. I meant to write last week to talk about how the Giants (my sons baseball team) were going to play the semi-finals.

Well they won the semi-finals last week so they were going to the Championships. That game was set for last Saturday but it had been raining the whole week before so when we got there on Saturday the field was a little flooded. I guess I seemed a little hard-core because I’m yelling, “Let them play! It’s only a little water. They’re kids! They’re supposed to get dirty!” But too many parents were whining that the kids might get hurt so the game was cancelled. Bunch of wussies. So we rescheduled the game for Wednesday evening.

It was a gorgeous day on Wednesday. It was the last day of school, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and birds were chirping etc. etc. The preschool had there little “ceremonies” and since I am Chairman of the board and my kid was there, I thought it might be best if I attended. I brought muffins even, muffins that I made. I ate quiche and watched the children line up and sing and get their “diplomas”. It was cute and all but my shorts were riding up my ass too much and after three cups of orange juice I needed to go. I stayed the allotted time and got pictures though. Anyway…

Wednesday evening we go to the baseball field. I see them starting up the grill. I plan on getting myself a burger in a bit but buy plenty of sports drink for the kids. We had a sports commentator to make it all official. All the teams were there to get their baseball medals for playing this year. I saw a cloud or two drift by. I took more pictures. Then they did the official calling of each kid on the team and gave their stats. Dylan’s average is a 666 for this year. A little creepy but another kid got the same stat and one other got 667. He had a pretty good year for hitting. He even got Prime Time player award and a Homerun pin.

This game he would be playing the catcher position. He looked so cute in his gear. Of course I took more pictures. More clouds rolled in and I thought, “Good, it’ll take the sun out of their eyes”. The other team was up to bat first. They were out by the third batter with no one making it to base. Our defense was looking good. When we got up to bad we had 5 runs. When Dylan was up, he struck out. I think he was just too nervous. This was the BIG GAME after all. I assured him he’d knock it out of there next time. The other team was up and got 4 runs. Then it was our turn again but those clouds that rolled in opened up and let down the rain. Our sports commentator headed for the hills. Families of the teams huddled with them in the dugouts as we had a “rain delay”. The rain then turned into dime-sized hail. Again, I took pictures. I thought it was just too funny. I mean, what were the odds? When the rain let up we got another 6 runs. The score was now 10 to 4. We knew we had them but it was only the end of the second inning. The other team was up to bat again and they didn’t score again. I’m telling you, our defense was smoking! The Dylan was first up to bat. He got his hat and grabbed his lucky SLUGGER bat. I smiled and told him “This one’s yours son.” And I patted him on the back. He went up and took his position and remembered to keep his elbow up. That’s exactly when the lightning started up in frenzy and the rain started to pour again. We all ran back to the dugouts but this time it didn’t let up. The wind picked up and we had a full fledge thunderstorm. I had to run to the bathroom and go get Kelly from the other field. By the time I got back to our dugout I was soaked. I was wearing a blouse that became very see-through. A size 16 woman with 42 DDDs is not a pretty sight in a see through blouse. I felt awkward around all the 10 year olds. The dugout was flooded with about 7 inches of muddy water that smelled like horse dung. The parents had their shoes off and pants rolled up. I was already soaked so I didn’t bother. Needless to say, the game didn’t continue and we all went home.

Too many people were moving so the game could not be rescheduled. The final verdict was that the teams were “Co-Champions” but that the Giants would get the 1st place trophies, as the score was 10-4. I thought Dylan would be pleased. He was but really, he wasn’t. He wanted to finish the game. I think more than that, he wanted to hit the ball for the big game. I can understand how he feels. He wanted to win “fair”. Although they did, it’s not the same kind of fair.

Tonight he is at a Heuriger (restaurant) with his teammates and coach and his dad. He is getting his trophy. Kelly and I have a stomach virus (my ass, my ass my ass is on fire, as my sister says) so we had to sit this one out. When he gets home I will take yet another picture of him with his hard earned trophy. This has been his year and I am so very proud of him.

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