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Holland Holiday Vacation
2003-12-01 - 4:16 p.m.

Just so everyone knows, we are back from Holland. "Isn't that Veird?" We had a terrific week though the drive there was 13 hours. All three kids were lined up in the back seat and we drove in the fog half the time.

Oh and Bonnie, we passed Salzburg so now I know how to get there. They are having Christmas markets there this month so I may go to that.

So anyway, Holland. The Hague to be exact. The weather was sunny. It was still jacket weather but there was no wind, so it was nice. And let me tell you, the Dutch are some TALL people. All the young woman were about 6 feet tall and reminded me of Uma Thurman. And yes the locals DO really where wooden shoes when they are out and about. I saw for myself. And all this time I thought that was only for pictures. Heh. but there bathrooms or "Water Closets" are just that, closets. Made for midgets I think. I don't get it.

We went to a place called Manduram that is a miniature Holland world. Kind of like legoland but on a much smaller scale and no rides. But I got all the cool souveneirs there. Painted porcelain candle holders and dishes and such. It's only daylight for about 5 to 6 hours this time of year there so we did everything we could in short incraments.

Glens Aunt and Uncle and COusins came from Germany as well. They speak very little english so it was a small flurry of languages evrytime we all sat down. And they drink alot of decaf. ALL DAY LONG. But it's DECAF! Seems like a waste. I missed my coffee. Oh and they drink wine. Every night. Alot of wine. At least on my end. Hey, it was a vacation. We had Devils Stew one night compliments of Glens aunt. That was some good stuff. Oh and German word of the day "Lastas!" I think thats how you spell it. Pronounced, "Lost-us" It means stop it. So say it in a whiney voice. That's the first word Glen learned when he was little because he tortured his cousin, Katrin, alot. Heh.

On Thanksgiving day we ate Croissants from the bakery in the morning, then went to the beach while Glens mother cooked the dinner. The beach was beutiful. It is at the North Sea I think. There wasn't that nasty fishy smell there. We saw a guy dragging a net in the water. He was shrimping and came up with a huge bucketfull. My thrill for the day. Then we walked the boardwalk. There were shops and restaraunts and Casinos. I got a real little pair of wooden shoes. So cute. And we stopped and had coffee. This time I got the real stuff. The good stuff. I had two. Then it was back home for the Thanksgiving feast.

Barbara did a great job. I mean everything was delicious. I didn't know she could cook but she did a good job. Except my mom has her beat on the turkey gravy, which by the way, she didn't make Near enough of. It was gone before seconds. sigh. Still a good time was had by all. After dinner the family humored me by listening to Alice's restaraunt. It was so funny because the ones who dont speak English were trying to clap and sing the lyrics in the end. I got a big kick out of that. And we drank more wine. And ate pie. And drank more decaf. Kelly made the pumpkin pie and it was quite good. Then we watched the Soccer game the Germans were playing against Italy I think. The Germans lost. But it was still a very nice holiday. For that I am thankful.

Friday, we went and saw the windmills that were built in the late 1700s. The kids were bored stiff but by golly, we saw the windmills. It's still a neat bit of history.

Saturday we made our way home. I would write more but I have so much to do around here and my cat has been missing since yesterday morning. Darn cat. And I love that cat. Plus I have to put groceries away. And don't worry. There will be pics of my trip and Emilys party soon. But I took over 200 pictures so it'll be another day or two. Now, I must wait and see if my lil brothers baby is born today.

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