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Frogs and brownies
2003-05-05 - 10:17 a.m.

Thanks to Bonnie, this is my new layout. I absolutly love it. Thank you so much Bonnie. :) I was going crazy with the plain one I had. This one is soo cute. I am trying my hand at photography now, too. Vienna is the perfect place for it. I can get all kinds of shots between the wooded trails and the historical landmarks it oughta be good. Yesterday I got some lovely shots. Lots of flowers in bloom. I made a day of it and was tickled at the new hobby I'm starting.

In other news, I have learned that if I eat 3 double fudge, peanut butter chip brownies at bedtime I will be wide awake for an extra 2 hours feeling all giddy and doing things like pestering my husband. I made the bed shake with my feet playing "earthquake", Laughed out loud at jokes I made up in my head, put a pillow over his head when he fained sleeping with a fake snore and so on. Wedgies always give me a thrill to. Ah, giving them, that is. I really gotta stop with the sugar at night, I'm goofy enough as it is.

Guess that's it for now. M&M needs to get dressed and I need to study my German. I am a chapter behind and class is tomorrow. oy.

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