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3oth Birthday
2001-11-06 - 7:04 p.m.

Well today is the day. It's my birthday and I am 30. Sigh. When I turned 29 I said that when I turned 30 I would be thin and active and pretty and more mature. I also was going to party my 20s away. heh. Well so much for that. Today has been uneventful. Glen got called into work and everyone else works so I sat home alone filling out Christmas cards. It's almost sad. And to top it off I am bloated and have PMS. On the bright side, my darling daughter made me a cake all by herself and my husband bought me a beautiful gold and diamond bracelet so I guess all is not lost. Tonight I get to watch The Simpsons Halloween Special. Glen is still at work and it doesn't look like he'll be home soon. Oh well. I'll start working out at the gym tomorrow.

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