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2001-10-09 - 1:21 p.m.

Yesterday, we drove to Julian. Just Glen and I. It was such a nice drive. I love the mountains in the Fall. It was gorgeous. I had to get an Apple pie from Mom's. They make the best. Of course I had to get all orgasmic at the sight of the Harley's lined up all nice and shiney. Those machines are so beautiful and powerful. To me they signify the freedom and power of being alone in the open country. Raw. Like I used to be, like a part of me that still is....longing to be wild and free with beads in my hair and nothing to think about. No house to clean, diapers to change, PTA and dinner. I picture myself young and beautiful dancing around a campfire feeling crazy. Watching the stars blanketing the night. sigh. How on earth did I become me? I still have a wild streak in me and a yearning for freedom, madness, crazy laughter. but responsability I created for myself long ago draws me out of my fantasy and into reality of day to day life. A funny thought, While we were driving yesterday I saw a lake and I thought how I'd love to go fishing. I love to fish. Anyhoo, I mentioned to the hubby and he seemed disinterested. Ho hum. How did a country bumpkin like me marry a computer techno whizamacallit like him? I love him, I truly do, I just wish he was more inclined to the outdoorsy stuff that I like. It's usually the other way around but not in this case. Today I am cleaning house. It's what I live for. Ah the scent of household cleaners. Ha. but it must be done. Besides I'm rambling.

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