kanyooceemee - 2008-06-23 15:26:07
I am trying not to be too obsessive over the weight I am going to gain in the next 5 months. But it's kinda hard having just lost over 30lbs before I found out I was pregnant. I have myself and my 2 girls out walking a 1/2hour everynight to try and keep the excess baggage away. I just found out Friday it's a boy!
Nicole - 2008-06-24 22:46:04
You are sexy as hell EXACTLY as you are. As far as those brainless wonders in Hollywood... everyone could go right back to being a size 4 after giving birth if they had a small army of nannies and personal trainers! But real mamas are a little too busy caring for a tiny, adorable human being to bother with gym and calorie counting. (And for the record, I think preggie and post-preggie bodies are SO amazingly much more sexy and appealing than any of the famine victim looking starlets you see on the cover of the magazines. They make me shudder! Plus they look like they'd break if you spanked 'em. Where's the fun in that!?) *grin* Hugs for you! ~Nicole

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