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2007-11-05 - 9:17 a.m.

I know, I know it’s been awhile. I’m sorry. I kinda suck. I’ll explain that here in a sec. On the bright or not so much side, I am not the only one. I have noticed that updates ‘round the world have been few and far between for some months now. I blame it on the crispness and colors of the fall that are distracting all of us. Either that or we’re too comfy with our sweats and vanilla lattes to be all that motivated. Whatever the reason, don’t be too hard on me, mmk? I do want to thank those of you who have been so kind as to send emails or leave positive comments for me. Smiley faces all around and chocolate if you’d like. But yea, thank you, I always appreciate it.

So ok, I have had some mini drama in the past month that has kept me from writing anything happy, clappy positive so I’ll purge that and move on. Over a month ago, a family member took it upon themselves to share with some other prominent family members our news of pregnancy. This was done before we were ready (it was early in) and without our permission. Other family members were offended that we hadn’t told them and sent us an email telling us as such. I would’ve preferred a simple congratulations but I digress. We sent an explanation (although I didn’t feel we owed one) as to our choice of waiting a bit (I was 5 weeks at the time). This turned into ahem..private emails one family member sent to my husband “reminding” him of the badmouthing I did about him, my overindulgence in alcohol, and how “happy” he was when the children and I were gone this summer for two weeks. Not to mention (and this is my favorite) that I said “either a divorce or a baby”. My husband was apparently coerced and was willing to do whatever I wanted. I trapped him. Mwahahaha.

Forget that we have been married over 8 years and together nearly 13. Let’s let a week of my being depressed define my entire marriage shall we? OK, I was depressed this summer. After being accused of being the sole reason for any problems in my marriage I was defensive. ANYWAY, and more then I care to go through anymore, there was not once a congratulations or any happiness expressed about this baby (that we weren’t ready to talk about yet anyway. Just a lot of reminders of the type of person I am. Naturally husband was hurt, offended and defensive of his family. He wrote an email to family member telling how he felt. I think he could’ve been a little nicer but it was how he chose to react. Family member didn’t like reaction. I wrote to defend myself and try to make things ok. It didn’t work. So now it would seem nobody is talking to anybody else or at least they are all not talking to us.

You know any great actor/comedian (myself included, heh) will tell you that timing my friend, is everything. Now if you want my opinion, if you want to spend the holidays at someone’s house and bring additional family members maybe you oughta rethink the whole “rag on the hostess” thing. Just a thought. I’m ok with it now. I spent way too many years looking for approval from this family and it just isn’t going to happen. I’m only sad for my husband and my kids who have to feel like they aren’t good enough. It’s not fair but what can you do.

Well alrighty, now that that is out of my system I can begin with happy thoughts, no? The rest will be randomly done but in my defense, I have adult ADD. I have the attention span of a gnat.
A sucky thing: GPS in Spain. It has a computerized British accent. The Spanish language i.e. Street names, exits, etc. sounds like garbled muck (now with accent!). You have no flippin idea what she/it is saying. Oh and it doesn’t seem to know one way streets. It insists you turn here! No!! Turn Here!!! Dammit you missed the turn ! Go back and try that again you moron! Then you are chucking the metal piece o’ crap out the window yelling “it was a one way street, bitch!” This is how to tour Madrid.

I haven’t been out too much but I have seen a little bit here. The statues and fountains are the first thing you notice here. You also can’t help but notice the similarities between here and big city USA. There are many restaurants that offer fine traditional cuisine as well as your typical McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and TGIFridays. There is the stadium where they hold the bull fights and I think soccer games. There are local concerts as well as big name ones. In fact, Marilyn Manson will be her. (Not that I am a fan but still) I have a list but until Dave Matthews or Pearl Jam comes, I’ll hold out. Sea Food is sold here big time. The grocery stores all have the stinky fish area. And they have all kinds of huge fish, ugly flat fish, and even large octopus tentacles. I love sea food but I am still a bit intimidated by the not prepackaged large sea food spectacular. The night life here is totally hopping and goes all night so I’m told. I’m always at home watching the TV and snacking on chips or some other junk in the evening so I wouldn’t know. They don’t begin to eat dinner till around 10 at night. I couldn’t hang. Before I go I will experience it at least once though. They have a good mix of radio stations here and a movie theater that plays the latest movies in English. The public transportation is good (although crowded) and easy to get around on. The weather is around the 50s to 60s during the day and 40s at night right now. The fall foliage is beautiful and the air is crisp and cool.

The kids had 2 Halloween parties, Trick-or-treating, and the school Halloween Carnival here. One thing I do love about the American Schools overseas is that they still call it Halloween Carnival and Christmas “whatever” instead of autumn and Winter Festivals. That’s so stupid. I’ll rant on that later. Anyway, Europe is catching on more and more to this thing called Trick-or-treating so the kids are able to go to certain neighborhoods and feel like they are in the states to some degree. We’ve probably done more to celebrate here then we would’ve in US anyway.

At the last minute, I decided to go to the Marine Ball this year. No fancy dress, I did my hair myself (it fell in like 5 minutes) and being 10 ˝ weeks pregnant (already! I know!) I felt sloppy and fat. Because this is my 4th I have a 5 month looking belly. Yay. I wore a simple black dress. I’m blonde. I looked like Shamu. But I went. I had a fairly good time. Aside from the fact that this one had no buffet (aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!) so my dinner was a small square of fish on a mini bed of spinach. I wanted the freakin buffet, man! And the music was well, it started as Elvis impersonators that were so bad they had them leave, to an interns ipod. Now the problem I always find is that these young marines don’t know their audience. 45 year old women should not be drinking wine then grooving to “My humps”. We are the 35 to 60 year old set. Please play music accordingly. Maybe one day they’ll get it. Anyway, I met some nice people and enjoyed getting out so it was fun.

That brings us up to now for those of you still reading. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 36. Yikes. I was laughing with Kelly today. I told her then when this baby is her age she will be 31 and therefore, as uncool as I am. So even though she’ll only be a sister to a 15 ˝ year old, she will be like, way old dude. That at least brings me some peace. On Wednesday I get to go in for another U/S. Mom asked me if it was too early to see if Lima Bean had a Lima Doodle. I assured her that yes it was too early. Moms.

I hope that this explains my absence or lack of anything whimsical in awhile. I do promise to get better at it. It’s not like I have oodles to do now. Until next time, take care of yourself and each other. Brownie points for guessing the author of that quote.

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