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2007-09-22 - 12:57 p.m.

Ok, ok, I know itís been a long while but here I am. I had initially planned on writing about how I spent my summer vacation (which was a very good one for once) and do it with bullets. I was going to bore everyone with every minute detail of Disneyland, the cruise to Cabo (I went snorkeling! And horseback riding! Gambling and buffets oh my!). I was going to talk about the water park and trips to the casino with my mom and sister who came from Oklahoma to see us. I was going to tell about how Glen and I scored tickets to the Ratt/Poison concert (Thanks Tara!!) and we took Kelly and Dylan. Glen, the teens and I rocked out like it was 1986!) I was going to mention how much my brother was improving and took Dylan on his first boat fishing trips. The fast food, the movies we saw including Halloween 2007 (freakin loved it!) and Balls of Fury (Actually pretty damn funny for a ďstupidĒ movie. I spit Hi-C on myself). I had a lot of fun with my family and already miss them a lot.
Then, I was going to tell you about Madrid. We arrived here 3 weeks ago and we love it. Itís awesome here. A lot like San Diego though. We have a frickin McMansion compared to the roach hotel we had in Cameroon. It has 4 levels, 4 full bathrooms and 1 half. It also has 5 bedrooms and living room, dining room, laundry room, storage room and a huge basement family room. I mean I couldnít have asked for more in a long shot. My only regret is it is only for 3 years and we actually donít and wonít own a home of our own for a loooong time. Nomads are we. Anyway, Madrid is a beautiful, cultural city and people are friendly. Worth a visit fo sho.
Like I was saying, I was going to elaborate on that but I just canít seem to focus or function much today. See, I woke up and peed on this little stick and up popped an additional pink line. Iím still trying to wrap my head around it. Plus, I need a nap.

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