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2007-07-22 - 3:17 p.m.

You know how in a large family there is always at least one sib. Who chooses to hang on to everything from 10-20-30 years ago forgets everything anybody ever does for them ie. Help them move from place to place, take care of their children for days, and sometimes months on end without them even around, fixes cars and flats, for them, loans them money when they need it, goes out and has fun with them, forgives and forgets about the bad things that person has done to them because of love for family. And then that said sib decides the want nothing to do with the family and chooses to have nothing to do with anybody and everybody and says hurtful things and twists everything into being YOUR fault. Everything is all drama, drama, flipping oh pity me and Iím being verbally attacked. Sniff sniffle. This person keeps blogs but locks most to friends only. Now in my opinion, the only reason for that is because they are hiding something, talking shit, doing something they would (at least I would think) know is wrong and doesnít want family to know. Well I have one of those who disowned me and let her children disrespect and ignore me. Iíve been in Africa so donít know where I went wrong. It saddened me at first because Iíd always thought I was close with this sib. I always looked up to them. I have always been a family first type person cuz friends come and go and in the end family is all you have. Itís a shame to see it fall apart. But Iím too tired to fight or deal with it anymore when I havenít done a damn thing to deserve it. Iím aware families can be dysfunctional and have problems because no one, I mean no one is perfect. No one is more better or special then the next.

Iíve had this blog for years. Never blocked a single entry never locked comments kept it free and open to anyone who cares to read. Because for one I have balls two, I got nothing to hide, and three if you donít like it, donít read it. I couldnít imagine disowning anyone in my family even when they did me wrong. People fuck up. Get over it because they are the only ones really there in the end.

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