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2007-07-14 - 4:23 a.m.

OK so I’m in California now. I haven’t written much because of job/purposes some things simply can’t be said. Let’s just say it was a Baaaaaaaaaaad last month in Africa they drained me myself and worst of all my brain. I’m slowly getting used to things but all this go, go, and go after being in “prison” is exhausting. Slowly I am getting back to normal and although we are having school problems (so can’t go to school with sibs) cuz some ijit somewhere decided he was “special needs and the school only wants honor students. The boy may get Bs, Cs and Ds but he’s NEVER failed a class and they decided ( without much thought) that a “Special school” was better for him. He’s your average teenage boy. Lazy and forgetful when it comes to homework and school but by no means “special” This pissed me off cuz there was not a damn thing mama bear could do. At least I’m in the US now.
The kids leave for camp Sun. It will be the first time in 7 years I’ll have had a week without all 3 of them. Whatever shall I do???Ha ha. Casinos babeeeeey. I am still looking forward to Madrid big time. How could I not? It’s freaking Madrid Spain.

And a little secret. We’re trying for #4. 5to1 bet the cruise next month will do it. Who’s in?? I’m even charting. What happened to the day when you just “did it” then waited and saw. 35 seems to be the magic age where you’re not old per say but what was once simple becomes complicated for dorks like me. I already have the first names picked (for years now) in case we get lucky. Anyway I do have much to say but alas, it is after 1 am and I need my sleep. Thanks for stopping by even though I am so sporadic these days. It’ll get better I promise.

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