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3 Weeks in Review - Bulleted for easy reading
2007-04-20 - 10:34 a.m.

• Have had internet access a total of 5 hours in the past 3 weeks.

• Lost access right around the time Glen and I quit smoking. It’s been 31/2 weeks marked with edginess, toothpick and gum chewing, the patch, sucking on pen tubes and gaining weight. Have not killed anyone although Staff doc was concerned at one point I might. Puh. Pfft. Poo.

• Gained a new skin problem where my skin literally welts up with barely a scratch. Hives included. The scratching in my sleep became so intense that I covered my stomach and breasts in bruises and sores. Was put on new medications for lack of sleep and skin problem (probably due to nerves). Medication results were a walking idiot with head in clouds and unable to form complete sentences for week and a half.

• Went to go-cart tracks during said fog. Went down track wrong way. (no one was hurt)

• Realized I gained back 25 of the 50 pounds I lost last year. Very sad. Very sad indeed.

• Feeling bad for not updating but unable to think clearly as well as no internet.

• Kelly left for Berlin today. I did not cry though I wanted to. She’ll only be gone 10 days but seems like forever. Emily did cry. I know I’ll have serious issues to deal with when she heads off to college in 3 years. Not much time left when I think about the next 40-50 plus years she won’t be right there in the next room.

• She made the honor roll again. Dylan did well in school too. His top grade was in English. Didn’t see that coming.

• Now I am just counting down till take-off. Going on my first cruise this summer. Destination Cabo San Lucas. I think that’s spelled right. Anywho, more later. Must go to gym.

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