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2007-03-06 - 11:05 a.m.

So I have had a lot of things I planned on writing about but then I just got lazy and said f**k it. But then today, today my jaw hit the floor. I got an envelope in the mail. As I read the top I saw it was from child support services. I opened it, expecting some sort of form letter and found a check. A spreckly green check that said it was a child support payment. Holy hell people. I was like excuse me while I pick up my jaw and wipe the drool. I havenít seen a child support check in umÖ years I think. What sparked this? Part of me ďthe manĒ finally caught up to him and just started taking it. Though thatís probably the likely cause but there is a teeny tiny place in my heart that whispers that he wants a shot at redemption. That he realizes he kinda screwed a good relationship and wants to make it right. Thatís me the eternal optimist. Last week he received a note I sent with the kidís school pics and all the ways to reach us should he be so inclined. However my ďSpidey sensesĒ are going with no. Of course some wonders never cease. At any rate, a child support check. Dude.

Want to know what happiness is? Happiness is when the mail comes and your eldest drama queen daughter gets the new Fallout Boy CD. The one she said sheís DIE cough gasp wheeze if she didnít get. Now Iím suddenly the best mom in the world. Yea right, kid.

Happiness is getting froofy spring dresses in the mail for your little froofy 7 year old that loves the dresses.

Happiness is getting a case full of Girl Scout Cookies in the mail. Joy.

Happiness is most seriously getting an unexpected child support check in the mail.

Happiness is your son laughing at you because your lame ass can no longer even manage to get past level 2 at Galaga. Yea I canít play todayís games at all. Too many buttons. But I bragged about what an expert I was at old school. Level 2 then I copped the ďmy thumb hurtsĒ excuse. I suck.

The kids are out of school this week for spring break. It sucks for them because thereís nothing to do and nowhere to go. Emily has pink eye and allergies are kicking her little butt. I opted to stay home but next week is my last week of work. Joy again. Iím going back to the gym. My butt (which spread 4inches again) needs it.

Breaking newsÖKelly just broke my kitchen cow. I have had my kitchen cow since she was 4. My friend Julie gave it to me as a house warming gift. Itís white with black spots and in a lay down position with a hole on itsí back to put sponges in it. She dropped peanut butter on it. The head is broke off. Sniff. I was really fond of that cowÖÖSigh.

The last thing I want to say is Iím getting kind of perturbed by some people that are coming here. The ones that are googling pics of my exís family. I suspect they are some of my exís family wanting to come here and point and laugh. Seems paranoid perhaps but some have plenty of time on their hands and just might be the type to use me as an amusing conversation piece.

For the ones who keep looking at the Miss Muffet picture, hey if you enjoy a shot of a slightly rounded 34 year old woman in a goofy (yet oh so sexy..heh) Halloween costume then hey Iím all for it.

Hereís the thing. Take a moment to scroll to the bottom of the page. Itís alright, Iíll wait. Ok did you see that little word at the bottom that said ďcommentsĒ? You did? Cool. Well it has a purpose. Kind of like the suggestion box at work. You click on it and you leave a comment. Easy as pie. Then I donít feel like such a tool wondering who comes here and why. You can even remain anonymous. I can even take criticism provided itís of a constructive and mature nature. Or even a, hey itís me, I just wanted to see how you were. If you repeatedly come here and never ever leave a comment, then there is a special place in hell for you. Iím kidding. Really.

Note* Miss BettyAlready if youíre still reading I canít ever leave comments on your site. I get the spammer page. So hereís a shout out to show the love and Iím glad youíre doing well.
That is all. For now.

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