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Climbed a mountain and turned around
2007-02-23 - 8:51 a.m.

I always plan on keeping this diary current but I have come to the conclusion that I suck at that. Then too many things start going on and I donít know how to band them together into one entry without anyone detecting I suffer from ADD. Ah well, such is the thinking that is mine.

So anyway, 2 weeks ago, Kelly and Dylan went on a 4 day trek and climbed Mount Cameroon. It is extremely difficult and they had to train for 3 months in advance to make this journey. They climbed atop the volcano and walked through the ashes. They slept in tents on the mountain and ate chili, crackers and pop tarts for 3 days. They took pictures at the top of the mountain and had to use the bathroom outside. Kelly called to tell me the wet wipes and hand sanitizers were a Godsend. But they did it, by gosh. The day they walked in the door they looked ragged. They lost 10 pounds, were sunburned, and had badly infected blisters on their feet. Kelly lost one toenail and her big toenail will be rotting off in the next 2 weeks or so. Dylan had to have part of his big toenail removed due to a raging infection. They both were proud of the accomplishment but vowed never to do it again. At least they did it. Not many kids get that sort of opportunity. I told them that when they have kids of their own they can say ďDonít be such a lazy, sissy. Why when I was your age I was climbing mountainsÖĒ Heh. They got me beat.

Oh and now that our plumbing is semi-fixed we are having electrical problems out the wazoo. We have ups thingies hooked up to all the TVs, computer, etc. and everyday we hear rounds of beep beep beep beeeeeeep. The air conditioner was wired wrong and keeps blowing out the circuit. And my house forever reeks of sewage that all the lighted candles and bleach in the world canít seem to mask. Good times man, good times.

Iím a little disappointed in American Idol this season. There are no hot guys to speak of. No country boys or hard core rockers. No babes. So now, why do I want to watch? For the talent? Give me a break.

We got our official orders for Madrid yesterday. Oooh I canít wait. For more reasons than I can muster on one page alone. But woo. Spain. Barcelona. (Too bad I am not even close to ďbathing suitĒ ready.) Still. Itís exciting. Three years there. Now Iím on a count down of 4 months till I get out of THIS place. Itís been an experience living here but Iím ready to get out. Itís been real, itís been fun but you know, it hasnít been real fun.

Before I close Iíd like to say that my mind is a curious thing. Lately, bits and pieces of memories have been dribbling down into the forefront at odd times. These memories arenít significant to anything really so I have no idea why they pop up when they do other than there must be a leak in my mental system. So anywho, Iím lying in bed and all of a sudden this song pops in my head. I know for a fact I havenít heard it in more than 20 years but there it was. Just a theme song. Wanna hear it? Here it goes:

Early rise, early to bed
And in between I cooked and cleaned
And went out of my head
Going through life with blinders on
Itís tough to see
I had to get up, get out from under
And look for me
Thereís a new girl in town
And sheís lookin good
Thereís a fresh freckled face
In the neighborhood
Thereís a new girl in town
With a brand new smile
But if things work out
Sheís gonna stayÖ.awhile

At least I think thatís all the words. Extra brownie points for anyone who can name the sitcom that came from. If you canít well ďKiss my grits!Ē

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