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2007-02-09 - 8:56 a.m.

This morning Glen and I were discussing crap in the news. There seems to be a lot of it lately. So today will be a little list of things Iíve seen that just irritate the crap out of me. Although before I start Iíll say that this morningís news announced the death of Anna Nicole Smith/Stern. At first I was shocked like, no waaay. The more I got to thinking about it though the more it wasnít a total surprise. What with her son dying, post partum, the paternity controversy, her marriage etc. It may have all been too much too fast. Someone here at worked made the comment that it sounded like someone was offing the family one by one. Iím not really sure about the conspiracy theory but wow, what a couple of months. I still donít by that Stern is the fathers but have no doubt heíll fight to keep custody.

In the news:

Three things have gotten my goat. One is the Vagina/HooHaa Monologues thing. So some woman was driving by the marquee and her niece sees it and enquires what a vagina is. She is upset and doesnít feel she has to explain that. She insists the name on the sign be changed from Vagina to HooHaa. Well, thatís just stupid. Since when is a vagina a dirty thing? Why do we have to be embarrassed or ashamed of the word? How on earth is it helpful for a little girl to not know the correct name for it? My vagina is not an obscenity. Itís a functional part of my body. People, give me a break. What do you say when your kid asks ďWhatís a HooHaa?Ē Same thing, no?

OK now for the whole astronauts thing. I do get that the woman had issues. She needs help no doubt and is obsessive. But to charge her with attempted murder? Iíd be really surprised if that sticks. Of course it being US who knows. Aggravated assault, yes. Defiantly. Attempted kidnapping, maybe. But attempted murder? Because she had a tube and gloves and a buck knife? Well, it looks bad but it doesnít prove to me 100% beyond reasonable doubt that she had set out with the intent to kill. I would need a bit stronger proof. I think itís going a bit overboard with the sensationalism. Apparently astronauts canít have issues.

And then thereís the whole Snickers commercial thing. Itís homophobic so is offensive? If it were a gay man accidentally kissing a straight woman and he freaked out would that be offensive? Itís a candy bar commercial. I thought it was humorous the same way I did about that scene in Grease where Danny and K-Nicky start punching each other and wind up in an embrace and then quickly jerk away and comb there hair and use there manly cool voices. Not a big deal people. Iím just saying.

And to top it off there are a couple of words I find really annoying. Skinny jeans. What the hell is that? A new word for the tapered jeans I wore in the 80s? I hate it because it implies that A: You have to be ďskinnyĒ to wear them or B: Youíll appear ďskinnyĒ if you wear them, like they are the new special jeans for the young, hip and good-looking. And to be honest, unless you like tight jeans showing off your hips for the size that they are (which I donít mind and Iím a 12-14) you probably wouldnít want to wear these. As I recall in the 80s these pants were bitches to get off over my feet.

I hate the use of the term ďF-BombĒ like, ďhe dropped the F-bomb on live TV!Ē Ugh. I donít know why it annoys me but it does. But then again I guess itís shorter than saying ďhe said that word that rhymes with duck but with an fĒ.

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