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Don't drink the water
2007-01-31 - 9:19 a.m.

Bad plumbing: the gift that keeps on giving. I say this for my home as well as my own body. Pfft. Last week it started with a leak. In the house, that is. It was coming from the bathroom in the master bedroom and dripping down into the laundry room. I could tell the whole sordid story but itís too long and too dull. The short version is that after a week of workers coming and going, lack of communication, no shower, no toilet, a lot of bitching and moaning and a 10 ft copper pipe, the situation is now resolved. However, for those of you who might think I live in the lap of luxury, we have no filter in our water tanks outside. That means bathing or showering in water that is piss yellow and smells like a dirty, wet dog. My skin feels like itís crawling all the time. I long for the day that I can drink from the faucet and bathe in clean water. Oh yes I do.

As for my plumbing, well, letís just say I walk around with a constant pain in the ass. Thatís all I have to say about that.

On another note, last month the Dr. forgot to put in my script for ďthe pillĒ. When I went in to remind her, she said because Iím 35 and a smoker I would have to quit one or the other. I need the pill. Need it. Well, it would take a month to get here so I had to go my first whole month in 7 years without the benefit of protection. One drunken night the husband and I got careless. Yea, naughty love. I sweated it out for weeks, bloating up and feeling nauseous. I googled everything and stayed paranoid right up till Monday when lo and behold my little friend came. Whew. Glen was a bit disappointed but I am just not ready yet. My weight has been taking great leaps and bounds in the upward direction and I am not pleased. No sir. Plus, we have summer home leave coming up and the move to Spain in the fall. Itís just not what I want to work myself around at the moment. My new pills are here right on schedule. So yay. Now I donít have to worry about naming a child after African beer. I kid. Although, Castel could be a boy or girl name.

As far as working, I think as soon as I finish the back-up stuff in the Political section that Iím going to call it quits. I hate to lose out on the money but there is so much to be done at home and I need more gym time. They wonít need me in this office and I think Iíd rather poke my eyes out with a stick than go back to Facilities Maintenance. That job was just not a good fit for me at all. I wonít work right away in Spain either till I get a feel for the place. I admit, for me I canít be good as a career person and a homemaker at the same time. I end up sucking at both. Itís one or the other and believe me, I am grateful that I have the choice. I went through years of not having the choice.

And in world news, the president of China is here today and the streets will be blocked off for most of the day. Iím not really sure of the purpose of his business but am hoping that it is for the greater good of the city and Cameroon itself. For me it means getting off work early.

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