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2007-01-08 - 10:30 a.m.

Yes, I know, Iím a lazy butthead. Better wait then never huh? Itís been hard to write anyway. I have been feeling so down and out over the holidays. I really hate to write when I feel that way. Seems kind of redundant; Blah blah blah I feel like shit, blah blah mental hang-ups, blah blah weight issues, blah blah dissatisfied with work. You get the picture. Iíll give a re-cap of the lighter side so everyone can catch up.

Roach episode pt. 2: So remember how I had that roach on my book in bed with me? Well, I get to top that one. A couple of weeks later I go into the bathroom switch on the light and sit down to pee. I reach to the side and grab some paper. As I begin to wipe, I feel something skitter up my uh..backside and I jumped up to find a 3 inch cockroach perched on the seat. It mustíve hitched a ride on the paper. Iím traumatized people, utterly traumatized. As I have said before, Africa, how I love thee.

That same week I got food poisoning. Ecoli or something the nurse said. I dropped 10 pounds in 3 days. I didnít know if I was coming or going. Mostly going I think. And the vomiting. Oh the vomiting. In case anyone isnít sure, food poisoning sucks canal water.

We had a nice Christmas in which I did not get drunk then, headed off to Kribi on a little holiday. Kribi is a beach town along the coast of Cameroon. We stayed in the Israeli Ambassadors beach house. We only had access to the upstairs which was small and quite musky smelling but the house is on the beach with an awesome yard and private area. The one weird thing I noticed was that for being at the ocean there wasnít that heavy salty smell I would normally associate with it, just a sort of an old, musky smell. Still, the air was fresh and the sound of the ocean waves crashing was soothing to my more than frazzled nerves. We had a cook there who went to the market during the day and cooked us up some fantastic fish dinners at night. I loved the grilled fish. They keep the heads on them. While the kids were freaked out by the whites of the eyes, I just dug right in. I love me some fish. It wasnít the clear water tropical paradise one would hope for but it worked out nicely just the same.

New Years Eve, we had some friends over for a little shrimp on the Barbie. As we sat outside we heard what sounded like a marching band on the other side of the wall. When the sound began to move we all went out the front gate to see. A band of about 15 Cameroonians were walking down the road playing. They stopped and played and we clapped along. After a song and a half we went inside. It was very loud. But the band didnít keep on marching. They stood outside our wall playing until we paid them to move on. Note to self, do not go out of the gate no matter what you hear or you will pay.

So anywho, the kids are back in school now and I am moving along, dreaming of Vegas this summer.

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