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2006-11-16 - 8:22 a.m.

Last night, I went and retrieved a book from the bathroom floor. I walked into the bedroom and climbed in bed with it. Just as I opened it up a 2 ½ inch cockroach crawled down the page from the other side. Did I scream? You betcher sweet ass I did. I flung it to the floor and Glen got up and grabbed a shoe. He’s not big on bugs either and hopped around madly smacking the floor with the shoe. Finally he managed to squash the little monster. I can’t freakin believe I made it across the room and into bed without noticing that thing hitching a ride on my book. Glen and I work as a team though. I scream and he kills. Ah Africa, how you delight me.

Speaking of teamwork and how I see so many failing, miserable marriages out there, I appreciate what I have. We have a system, Glen and I. He wakes me up in the morning. I make coffee while he showers. I make a sandwich for Em. Then I go up and shower and he wakes the kids and gets breakfast. I brush Ems hair and he unlocks the doors. In the evenings I cook and he cleans the kitchen. He reads Em a story while I spend time with the other two. He locks up and I shut down the computer. Back and forth, give and take system. It’s passed the point of “You do this and I’ll do that” We just do it. There’s not much excitement to it, I know but, I like it this way. Things are done and when we know what to expect, arguments are few. This is what makes my marriage work and I wouldn’t change it. Plus, the hoobity is quite good too. ;)

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