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Never Jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker
2006-11-13 - 1:36 p.m.

Well said Linus, well said.

I know itís been awhile but I have been laz-y when it comes to blogging. I had topics but then questioned whether or not I wanted to put them out there. Not that I have huge readership, thank Bob. But some of my behavior of late has been uh, less then stellar. I donít know what to say on that other than damn do I get mouthy (in an I love you all, youíre all gorgeous kind of way) when Iím drinking. I guess the logic would be not to drink so much. You can totally ďDUHĒ me anytime. Síalright, I can take it.

Iím told Iím going to have to quit such vices anyway. Seems I have hypertension. Being on the pill and smoking makes me a stroke waiting to happen. Whee. Without drinking and smoking Iím left with cussing like a sailor and that is IT. Whereís the fun in that?

The marine ball is next week. I plan on getting waxed again. I did it once before here. I learned that skin WILL come off your armpit along with hair if youíre not careful. I also learned that even if you CAN have certain places on yourself waxed, it doesnít necessarily mean you should. But with the legs and pits itís pretty cool cuz I always miss spots when I shave. I bought a new dress for the ball. Pretty navy blue, tea length, strapless piece I fell in love with online. If you guessed my boobs are too big to stuff into it, you win one of those mirrors like at the carnival that have ďRolling StonesĒ lips or a pot leaf on it. Ok Iím kidding. But yea, itís too small in the bust and too late to send it back. Iíll just recycle the silver one from the year before last. My boobs are now too small for that one so I had to have it taken in. I hate you, boobs.

As you can see, itís pretty boring in my neck of the woods. Now you know why Iíve been lax about writing.

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