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2006-10-18 - 8:43 a.m.

Last week Kelly went to a High School pool party. When she came back later that evening I asked her how the party was. She said it was just ok. Just ok, I wondered and asked why?

ďSo and so really makes me mad. We were arguing politics. One of my friends made a statement that Americans in general are ignorant* (pertaining to geography). I mean come on statistics show that like 60% doesnít even know where the Pacific Ocean is. And sheís all mad cuz sheís a Nationalist and thinks weíre disrespecting our country and all. She thinks everyone should be a Conservative and Nationalist as hardcore as she is. She canít respect my opinions just because I disagree. Iím a Liberalist and everytime we talk we argue because she thinks my views are wrong.Ē

Whaaa? What the hell happened to beer, bands and boys? Itís a high school party for cruds sake. This is what theyíre doing?? Kids today, I tell you what. They just arenít like we were. I mean, a high school party included at least one keg, loud rock and roll, kids making out or puking in the john. The only arguments were who cheated on who and who was hooking up with who. These were the good olídays. Not that Iím too bothered mind you. They are clearly staying out of trouble but Iím thinking lighten up already. Although I have no doubt she will someday be in the senate, right now they are 15. Let the good times roll. Have fun before life gets serious.

Speaking of, did you know Iím considered a ďcoolĒ mom? Donít ask me how cuz itís not something I was striving for. Kids want to be around me and hear my stupid stories of smoking banana peels and pretending to be trees by the road side back in the day. Of the bands I got to meet backstage and the celebs I went to school with. I try not to be around them too much. Kids need space. But believe it or not my teenagers are not embarrassed of me. They like being around me. No, I donít let them smoke, drink, cuss, fool around or stay up past 10 on a school night. I do let them be who they are or at least try to figure that out on their own.

You know whatís weird though? My daughter has crushes on the men who used to cover my walls when I was exactly the age she is now. Like Matt Dillon, John Cusack, Brad Pitt, and Christian Slater. Itís so weird cuz when I was a kid the idea of having ANY tastes that matched my mothers was like totally gnarly. Ew. Kelly has a lot of the same taste as me. Weird.

Also my kids tease me saying that song by Bowling for Soup is totally me. Totally. Just cuz I walk in the room sigh and say I remember when Mtv was music videos all day everyday. Whereís Van Halen, the Police Head Bangers Ball? Todays kids got a bunch of crap for Mtv. Iím just saying.

Oh and so what if I have the same clothes and hair since Jr. High. I gotta be me.

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