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Hot blooded, raw eggs and a bag of chips
2006-04-19 - 9:08 a.m.

I know after last year’s drama on the ACP board I swore I’d never join a board again. Well, I lied. As of yesterday, I am now the Vice President of the Commissary board. That’s our quaint food store here, people. I don’t expect to find the same high stress level with these people that I found with some in Vienna. Nobody is interested in being the “one who saves the school” or to have their name on the top of the list for most active and political mom of the preschool set. Besides, this board is made up of 3 men and 2 women. I like my odds. It’s all about the food in this outfit. I can live with that.

On Saturday there was a bit of a mix-up when we sent Em off to color eggs at a neighbor’s house. We didn’t have time to boil them and assumed it would be done there. Seems Glen forgot to mention it to them when he dropped her off. The eggs got colored and thrown in a bowl with 130 others. So at the Embassy Easter party on Sunday 5 raw eggs got hidden. They were “surprise” eggs. I personally would have preferred chocolate or money but we can’t be picky here now can we? I don’t know who found them or what the outcome was but, one of my wonderful smart-ass co-workers came in Monday saying “did you hear about the kid who got salmonella from the egg hunt yesterday?” My eyes went huge. “Oh shit!” “Heh, kidding.” Loverly.

And last, I was called a bombshell on Sunday by not one but 2 people. Can you believe that? When they said it at first, I thought they were referring to the raw eggs. But no, they meant me. I haven’t been called anything remotely close to that in at least 7 years. Talk about inflating my ego. I may even start wearing tank tops in public.

*Correction from last post. The Sephora bath oil is made by Carols Daughter and sold on Sephora.

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