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Weekend Warrior Strikes Again
2006-04-14 - 8:23 p.m.

This morning I got up to find a comment that just made my day. Good to know there are men out there that appreciate women of curves like me. Because of that I danced around sing-songing to Glen “Men think I’m seeeee-xy, they think I’m sexy. Cuz I’m so curvy, you know you waaaant me.” Well, the coffee made me do it too. Heh.

I laid out to catch some rays just after 9 and the mosquitoes showed me no mercy. I have to lay out whenever the sun appears because it’s rainy season here and the rain comes on quick and hard. I said hard…hee. Ok, I’ll stop. Sorry. At any rain the African sun is still very hot and blinding even at 9 am so I managed to get ample sun. But the mosquitoes…no mercy. Since they are mutated suckers I walked in the house with whelps the size of 50 cent pieces on my inner thighs, shoulders, and shins. I need to remember to take those stupid malaria pills if I’m going to play with nature like that.

I took an oil bath after (time for a little product placement) using Burt’s Bees lemon bath oil. I prefer Sephoras’ Almond cookie bath oil but it’s expensive and the Burt’s Bees is just as good. I swathed my hair with the BB’s Avacado hair stuff. Us uh…natural blondes can havedried out damaged hair due to harsh uh…chemicals. That stuff works wonders to repair it au natural.I shaved my legs and pits too. Yea, I was feeling that good. I went as far as to put on a sundress, fix my hair and apply Sephora’s Lip Fusion lip gloss. I was never a gloss user before but I absolutely love this stuff. Crack for my lips. Plumps them. I like it a lot. Worth every penny. I topped it with a little spray of Bath & Body Coconut Lime spray. Fitting for my look and the hot sun here. (End product plug)

Ok so what this is kind of all leading up to is that we took the kids to the Embassy so Emily could ride her bike and Dylan could ride his skateboard. It’s the only safe place for the kids to ride. The road leading in has a pretty decent hill. Dylan is the cautious type, even for a 12 year old boy so he opted to go down the hill from just above a halfway mark. Glen asked him why didn’t he start from the top. Dylan looked at him and said “No way, I’ll get hurt.’
“Chicken?” Glen taunted.
“No, just not stupid.”
“You’re chicken”
“Then you go ahead and do it,” I challenged Glen.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, he grabbed the board and headed up the hill. Dylan shook his head and sighed, “He’s gonna get hurt”
“Don’t say that, you’ll jinx him”
“I’m not trying to but he’s gonna get hurt”

I watched as he got on the board and began to sail down the hill at break neck speed, the wind blowing through his hair.

“I’ll be damned…he’s gonna ma….OOOOooooh!”

He flew off the board right before he got to the bottom. I saw him land on his elbow and then do a tuck and roll thing. He rolled about 4 times. I got up and walked over to him. He lay there for a second or two longer, and then got up to walk it off. I thought he might cry for a moment there. He didn’t. Wanted to but didn’t. I saw blood trickling from both of his elbows, one knee and road rash on the other. We went to the marine house where we cleaned up the wound. Nothing was broken but his elbow is swelled like a violet-purple egg. Once I knew he was ok, I suppressed the urge to laugh my ass off. I kind of smirked instead. I know Dylan was holding back a few major “I told you so’s!!” Good boy. He’ll have some nice big scabs and some bruising and stiffness but he’ll be ok. I asked him if he’d try it again. He said “I got to now.” Somehow, I doubt he will.

On the bright side, I have no doubt I will thoroughly bust his balls at tennis tomorrow. Heh heeh, I said bust his balls. I'm kidding! Or am I? Sorry, it's the beer this time.

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