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Like I blister in the sun
2006-04-03 - 9:47 a.m.

On Saturday while playing tennis, my faced burned and I didnít know it. I was wearing sunglasses too. It was a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in the sky so after a rough game (where I got my ass kicked) we decided it was a nice enough day to go for a swim at the pool. Glen got us a nice cold beer and we sat out in the sun. As I drank my beer I kept commenting on how beautiful and hot it was. I put sunscreen on my nose. Just for the record, I am a complete ass. Yes, I got sunburned. Yes I resembled a raccoon-eyed lobster. We had a party to go to that night and yes, everyone there felt compelled to TOUCH me in one form or another. Yes, I feel like a complete tool. Good times.

On a side note, the party was much fun. There was a finger shocking roulette game where 4 people stick there finger in a slot to see whoíll get zapped. More fun when intoxicated. We got a little rambunctious with the coasters and they were flying everywhere. I macked out on 7 layer dip and gained 2 pounds. Again, good times.

I forgot to mention that Kelly has a boyfriend. He is the son of the DCM (One person under the Ambassador) Heís a good kid though. Glen is getting uncomfortable the older Kelly gets. Thereís only going to be more where this came from.

And last, but not least, for being such a good little secretary, I was offered another job in the same office in the fall. I would get paid more working as the Residential Security Coordinator. They call it the MacGyver position. Sounds good to me. I canít help but wonder how I made it this far though.

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