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2006-03-22 - 12:30 p.m.

Iíve been noticing in my stats that people are often coming from specifically searching for a photo of me. For the life of me I canít understand why anyone would want a photo of a 220 pound Lil Miss Muffet. One never knows.

Anyway, Iím really liking this job. I have Ďsponsibilities. ĎPotant ones. I got a badge with my photo on it. People trust my judgement and I can go to the bathroom without even asking! Nobody is standing over me telling me what to do. Iíve never experienced this in a job before. Kind of cool. Yesterday I was officially sworn in at the consulate. Yea, me. I have a desk and a phone and I can even transfer calls. This so rocks for me. For once Iím not cooking, selling, cleaning or delivering anything. AND I got snacks in my drawer that I can eat ANY TIME I want to. Whoo! I just had to say.

So there is this big water spot coming through the wall in the stairwell and mold started to grow over it as well. You know what that means? Mold is COVERING the inside of the wall. Itís no wonder Kelly, Emi, and I have been coughing our lungs up. Itís been going on for weeks. I wonder if there is a dead body in there too. The house is haunted ya know. But thatís another story for another day. Well, we reported the leak and the mold and a guy came out to the house and you know what he did? He painted over it. Whee. That oughta help. Not sure what the next step is yet because I know the whole wall will need to be knocked down and itís in the middle of the stairs. Dunno.

I gotta stop eating these cheddar rice cakes. Itís like 420 calories if you eat the whole bag.

And in other news, my darling son Dylan will be 12 on Sunday. He is now 5 foot 8 (taller than me) and has a ďdirty lipĒ that is well on itís way to a little mustache. When people ask his age and I tell them they say ďno heís not!Ē And I say ďReally, itís true! I was there!Ē He has hazel eyes that are green when heís happy and dark and intense when heís brooding. Just like his Dad. I think he grew about 6 inches since weíve been here and I donít see him stopping anytime soon. What to do.

Have I mentioned I got a drawer full of snacks I can eat any time I want?

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