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2006-02-17 - 9:06 a.m.

So yesterday was the big ceremony/inauguration thingy. I have to make a correction though. It was the Assistant Sec. of State who was here for it. When the President of Cameroon came I was disappointed a bit. For some reason I was expecting him to have colorful robes and a head piece of some sort. Like a tribal chief or something only bigger. Instead he came in looking like a man in a suit. Speeches were given but mostly in French so I just kind of stood there like a dummy clapping when everyone else did.

Anyway, the street that the Embassy is located was given a name. It's something like Rosa Parks Ave. or Way or something. It's one of maybe 3 streets here with an actual name. Funny thing is, the locals have no idea of the signifigance of the name. Although, I was told that an explanation was given on the radio. The Asst. coming is said to possibly pave the way for Ms. Rice to come here at some date but who knows.

As for me, I am so close to getting under the 200 lb. mark, it's killing me. Like 2 pounds away and I can't seem to break it.....yet. I'm still working at it though. Soon, baby soon. That's all the excitement I have for now. If my sisters are reading, email me, ok? I'm lonely.

Chicken. It's such a sad thing. Remember how I said I loved the crack chicken here? Well guess what? The stupid Asian bird flu thing has come to town. Damn. Damn. Damn. I miss the chicken. I shall be in mourning.


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