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11-21-2005 -

First, I want to say thank you to Brandi, candoor, Mike and Serena for the B-day wishes. Thank you muchly. I was attempting to keep it low-key because of that whole fear of “oh My Bob I’m gonna die at 33!” thing. I turned 34 peacefully thank you. My husband bought me a diamond earring and necklace set (for me) and a slinky black negligee (for him). I say it was for him because it came with a matching black thong. Anybody who knows me, knows I wear granny panties that I’m constantly picking out of my ass. (Oh yes, I am THAT classy) so yea a thong. I wore it once. The night of my birthday. We went to a party. I noticed that the more I drank, the less I was aware off a nagging strip of polyester/cotton riding up my crack. I had to squelch the urge to pick it out on more than one occasion because I mean, it’s a thong. Where’s it gonna go? So anywho…I promised to wear the gear again for New Years. The goal is to be in better shape then anyway. You know, for polaroids. Kidding…….or am I?

This weekend was the M-arine Ball. I recycled one of my dresses from 2 years ago. In general it was a lot of fun. The people were great, the food was awesome (can’t go wrong with seafood in my book) and everyone was having a good time. The only drawback was the music. 99.9% hip hop. Whee. I think as a general rule for these events there should be a better mix and wider variety of music. Even disco. Brown-eyed girl, play that funky music, brittney beers, I don’t care. The majority of us attending are in the 30 to 60 club. Hip hop, not so much. No. I still had a grand ol time. The booze and food were free. I was getting the biggest kick out of this guy from Sweden. Probably him more so of me. A couple of drinks and I’m all “so….you got that cheese and those clocks there, dontcha??”
“No, darling, that’s Switzerland”
“No cheese? Not the stuff with the holes in it??”
“No. but we have goats.”

And then in his best Swedish/southern accent “Ya ever been to Ala-BAMA??”
“No, that’s where Forrest Gump lives…..Run Forrest….Ruuuuun!!!”

Cuz you know us diplomatic people are all kinds of smart. Heh. But I did have a good time. Everyone telling me how great I looked helped a lot too.

This week will be crazy busy too. I have been going to the gym 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. But I have to prepare for Thanksgiving with a bunch of my new friends and Emily will turn 6 on that day. Six. Where did my baby go? She’s reading and writing and going off to school. She has my quick wit and is not shy about raising her skinny little arms, balling up those tiny fists and saying “You wanna piece of me??” She’s growing and I can’t slow her down as hard as I try. Hell, Kelly turns 14 next month. How did I get here? Well Emily is going to have a Garfield party poolside at the school. Certainly hot enough. Did I mention it’s in the 80s here everyday now? OK. I’ll write more later. I’m in such a good mood. Must be the Special K.

Oh, and before I forget, dh got tenured last week. He is officially official in the DOS. Yay him. I am so proud.

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