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Getting Better At Ball Control
2005-11-14 - 7:56 a.m.

Yes, thatís right; Iím getting better at ball control. Iím talking tennis people! What were YOU thinking? O hereís the thing, dh and I have started to play tennis. Well, hit the ball back and forth to the best of our ability anyway. Neither of us has played before so, you can imagine. The good thing is that we have found something we booth enjoy that is actually good for us. For me, itís even bigger than that.

Iím not sure how it is for people who have spent their lives heavy but I think they are active because they learned to do it at whatever weight from the get-go. For me, I was always fairly thin and athletic. That is, until about 6 years ago. Several life experiences led me to put on a whopping 80 pounds. I began to feel sluggish and incapable of anything. I felt like Iíd become way too fragile to do anything anymore. Every time Iíd start a new diet or what not, Iíd tell myself that Iím doing it so that I can get back in shape in order to be athletic again. Of course I wouldnít lose the weight and resign myself to sitting on the sidelines. Iíd long for the day when ďI could play tooĒ. Well, moving to Africa has been a Godsend in some ways for me.

First off I donít have access to all the crap food Iím used to. Second off, I have a wonderful support group here. Third (and most important) I finally realized Iíve wasted a lot of time waiting for ďwhen Iím in shapeĒ to do the things I want to do. Now I just do them to the best of my ability. If I get tired, I stop. But Iím DOING them instead of just wishing I could. It has made all the difference in the world. My husband and I are both very competitive so itís kind of funny to see us arguing about the game when we donít even fully understand the rules and we both pretty much suck. Also, I have lost 19 pounds since I got here and still going. Yay for Africa.

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