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We got the funk or Welcome to the jungle (part deux)
2005-08-30 - 11:10 a.m.

So for the three or four of you still hanging around (and don't think I don't absolutely love you for it) I am now in Africa. Yes I am here. There are many things I will be sharing about it as soon as my home computer is hooked up. Right now I am at the kids school. My time she is limited. But I'm here and I'm safe. This place is different from any experience I've ever known. Difficult yet amazing. But don't get me started yet on the mango worm thing.

I was bit by mosquitos today. I may just keel over from a jungle type disease. Or not.

There is a funky smell here. They say I'll get used to it. Gawd, I hope so. It's like burnt ass and clay. I shall write more very soon. Did anyone miss me???

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