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2005-07-03 - 8:43 a.m.

Gah, it took me long enough, eh? Well I'm in San Diego. The plane trip was long (only 17 hours to get here) with a yipping little dog on my lap. I seriously wanted to flush her down the planes blue water toilet chute. It was my wedding anniversary that day so I proceeded to drink lots of complimetary wine. Yea, you get that in business class along with stuff like swordfish and crackers and rabbit patte'. I watched "Meet the Fockers"( had it's funny moments), "Spanglish"(Adam, hun, stick to comedy), and "Phantom of the Opera"( I found myself strangely attracted to the phantom like I would even do him). I came this close to really flushing the dog. But we are here.

We stayed in a Best Western that used to be decent but now is all ghetto for the first 3 nights. The first night as I lay in bed thinking how nice it was to be home I heard a woman screaming "Help ME!" through the parking lot. OK I believe in helping when I can but in this case uh no. I had no idea what she was running from and din't want to open the door and endanger my kids to find out. I'm sorry lady. Welcome to paradise, eh? It was only 3 days though AND we had a Dennys. After 2 years in Vienna I so desired me some Dennys steak and eggs. Then it was on to moms house.

It took a week to get online but by then we were off for our family vacation package to Disneyland. Three fun-filled days of park hopping between D-land and California Adventure, and one early admission. Seriously folks, if you HAVE to go to D-land in the summer get an online package with early admission. It makes all the difference. The mornings weren't too bad but by noon the places were packed and the heat was awful. The first day I sunburned my head and was kind of a bitch half the day. I rectified that with a hat, thanks. Because we had the 3 days and early admission we managed to do everything we wanted. We used the Fast Pass for all the big rides so we never really stood in line for anything. Our hotel balcony had a perfect view of the fireworks so we didn't even have to stay in the park for that. Emi got about 15 characters autographs and pictures even with the ever allusive Mickey Mouse! The kids had a great time so all was good. We did a trip to Knotts Berry Farm the day after that and it was suprisingly not crowded. That made for a good day too. Dylan didn't go since he was horking up his guts the night before. We had gone to see Madagascar and had popcorn, soda, and skittles. Then he swam in a pool for a few hours. Horking was inevitable. Still, the rest of us were good.

Our camera died so we decided to buy a new one. We pulled out all stops and bought an expensive-ass Nikon with interchangable lenses and stuff. I've always wanted one. A really good camera like that I mean. I can't wait to play with it. So anyway, we're back in San Diego.

There's more to talk about I'm sure but don't want to be long and boring too much. Just wanted everyone to know I'm not dead. The dog here kind of smells like it but that's a whole other story. I miss my friends and home in Vienna but I'm glad to be back here.

Oh I got pics of the outside of my home in Africa. I'll try and post them soon. The yard looks like my very own little tropical jungle. But I don't have a pool. I have a screened in porch. So when I sit there in 110 degree humid heat without a pool I'll at least have my screened in porch. woo hoo. I'm only kidding. Sort of.

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