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2005-06-16 - 8:08 a.m.

Today is the last day I will be sitting here gazing out the window and thinking about random things to type. This is it. My stay in Vienna is up .Tomorrow we get on the plane headed for California. For the longest time I couldnít wait for it but now Ií having mixed feelings. Oh, there are people and things I could do without but my kids love it here. There are a lot of things I loved here. I will miss the way everyone greets you. I will miss the way the seasons change. Itís so subtle that if you blink too much or donít take the time to really notice, the chance has passed you buy and you wonder where the time went. I will miss the friends I made. I will miss the opportunities I didnít take and the places I meant to go to but never did. I think most of all I will miss the view.

Thereís so much Iíd like to write about but time is of the essence and mine has run out. I had my ups and downs but overall I loved being here. For those that donít know, there are no kangaroos in Austria. I just wanted to clear that up.

I had to turn off my comments for awhile due to a large number of spam in my comment section. If anyone knows how to eradicate that, let me know. And e-mail me people!

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