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Chili con finger, my @ss
2005-04-27 - 9:13 a.m.

As far as my visa pic goes, in the words of Mr. Ebert “I’d give it two thumbs down”. Yea it’s pretty awful. I look like a 300 pound Heffalump. Stupid polaroids never do me justice. Well except for that one romantic evening with Glen where we…. Uh…nevermind. Husband /wife thing. You know. But in that picture (it was PG-13 shot) I looked good. Oh and 10 years ago I got an ID where I looked really good. Just in general I don’t seem to photograph for beans. Ah well, I never intended to be Americas Next Top Model. I never even intended to pose for Wal-Mart ads so it’s all good. Although naked old guy was pretty cool, no? Kidding.

I would talk about things that are news worthy but I always seem to be a week behind in that area so if you want the latest in the news it won’t be here. That’s ok though. Oh wait, I did want to say that I KNEW from the start that chili finger thing was bull. Having the luxury of working in fast food (although not at Wendy’s) I know that there is no way that would have gotten past someone spooning chili into a little paper bowl. That’s one thing that bugs me about Americans; The ludicrous lawsuits that are always going on. Everyone’s out to make a quick buck.

My next entry will be a little deeper but I can’t concentrate right now. Besides, Dr. Phil is on. Tonight I get to watch the American Idol you all watched last night. I watched “Mean Creek” the other night. I love indie films and Sundance films. Anyway, it is my personal opinion that Rory Culkin is way cuter then his brother. For a kid, I mean. Ok, I’m done.

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