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2005-04-26 - 10:35 a.m.

Is it bad to start feeling so good? I guess it depends on whose expense itís at. I guess Iím just sort of thinking to myself on that one. I do know that Karma is a bitch and if youíre not careful itíll bite you in the butt. Case in point (and I know this will sound corny and a bit narcissistic but here goes):

When I was in my teens I was thin and would look at overweight people and think I could never be that way. Not that I downed them or thought they looked bad, I just thought it was something that ďIídĒ never be. Well, bingo, bango and 15 years later I am 60 pounds overweight. Then there was ďthe mole ladyĒ. I once saw this lady back then who had a lot of moles and I remember thinking ďdamn that poor thing has a lot of moles. Sheís like the mole ladyĒ. Up it a few years and Iím covered in the little suckers. Some odd part of me feels like if I hadnít thought that way or tended to be critical like that wellÖ.I donít know. Itís just that now I am the overweight mole lady. Long story short, I try to not think so critically of people in case of, you know, Karma.

Aside from that, Iím feeling pretty good today. Even though I had little sleep and it is raining out, Iím feeling a little more empowered than usual. Maybe itís the pot of coffee and carrot juice sloshing about inside me but who cares. Iím feeling like woo hoo! Today is the day that nothings gonna bring me down. After the last week itís about time.

I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the move but today I have to go to the Embassy and get my picture for a visa. Itís very important that I take a decent picture. My passport photo looks like Iím bloated, scared and constipated. To say it isnít flattering is a major understatement. I cringe when I have to show it in customs and the custom people never hide their look of amusement. So Iím crossing fingers that the visa pic is better. Anyway, feeling good and thought Iíd say so.

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