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2005-04-13 - 9:18 p.m.

My feet have been very dry since Ive been here. I am used to going barefoot all the time despite the weather and have paid the price in this environment. My feet have gotten so dry and crinkly looking that they look like the feet of a 70 year old. My right foot itched pretty badly too. Sometimes Id wake up at night and rub it on the carpet till I got a rug erfoot burn. As a service to me (and because he is such a sweet and caring man) my husband has been giving me foot massages with heavy lotion every night of the week. I know Im spoiled. And yet the dryness persisted. Last night he looked at his hands and noticed they had gotten really dry and scaly. Sooo, we went to the med unit today and it turns out I have this fungus on my foot that spread to his hands. He is not pleased at the moment. Even though I always wanted him to be athletic, this wasnt what I had in mind.

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