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Hey Junior, Where ya been so long? Don't you know me?
2005-04-12 - 3:21 p.m.

Once I was crazy
And my Ace in the Hole
Was that I knew that I was crazy
So I never lost my self control
I just walked
in the middle of the road
I slept
in the middle of the bed
I stopped
in the middle of a sentence
from a voice in the middle of my head

~Paul Simon

That was my weekend. It was the worst I have had in what seems like a lifetime. And I got my period to boot. Whee. And I'm so forgetful I drove 20 minutes to the store and then forgot to buy tampons. sigh.

I hate starting meds again. I'm sleeping better but Saturday I wanted to die. Sunday came and "trashed me out again", then on Monday I took a 4 hour nap. Today is looking better but I'm still dragging. At least I don't feel as nutty as I did Saturday.

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