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2005-04-04 - 3:41 p.m.

Since Iíve been taking the medication I have been sleeping like a baby thankyouverymuch. What a difference it is making for me. I have a few things to say but itís a bit scattered and not really connected. Just bare with me and enjoy the ride ok?

First of all, yesterday was the first time someone ever called bitching ME out because I didnít want kids in my yard. Specifically jumping over a fence we have locked and landing on our bikes. Or they use them as a ladder to jump to the other side instead of just going around. This is aggravating and two of the bikes wheel frames are already bent up from this. I donít pin it on any one kid. I have seen lots of them hop the fence. Yesterday, we were bbq-ing and they had the little balls to do it in front of us so we asked that they not play in our yard if they are going to keep jumping the fence. These are 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Well it seems a couple went and told their momma they couldnít play there no more and she called me up and bitched me out wanting to know why her and her friends kids were ďyelledĒ and why the heck can they not play in my yard. She had a clear TONE with me. I told her they could play in the yard just not jump the fence anymore as our bikes were getting destroyed. So she hung up in a huff. She called the other neighbor whose fence was getting bent from it and griped at her too saying this place has an open yard policy. Never mind that most everyone (except for me) and including her have a fenced in yard. She has no problem running kids off from her yard if they are doing something unfavorable. Itís her yard, her right. What peeves me is that Iím not supposed to have that right? Or ask that my property be respected. Anyway, had to rant that. People are so weird.

I was telling you before how I went to the dentist in Hungary, right? It started when my sadistic dentist here told me that for a post and crown (on a tooth they destroyed) it would cost almost 1,300 euro (@1600-1700 us dollars) to fix it. Cash upfront. Well that was a big no. So we headed to Hungary and the dentist there did it for 240 euro. A big difference. And that dentist was so much gentler and kinder. I couldíve hugged him. People in Vienna liken going to Hungary as the same as going to Tijuana for all your medical needs. I happen to disagree cuz this guy did an excellent job. And because I saved so much money I got some my teeth molded for some nite white gel. I have two extreme fetishes. Clean white teeth and clean ears. If you are one of those people that have big wax balls in your earsÖ.ew. Just, ew. Q-tip that thing. Freaky people like me are looking and we can see that stuff. So yea, Iíll have me some white teeth. Like Iíve always wanted.

Also, next month I am going on a mini vacation to Italy. Woo hoo for me. We will stay at an army base in Vicenza and weíll take a train to Venice. Ever since I saw ďA Little RomanceĒ when I was a kid I wanted to go to Venice with the one I love. How romantic. So I have something to look forward to now besides California in June.

One last thing, my ex has still not called back. Twenty bucks says when he does heíll lie and say ďOh the phone is broke no one hung up on you.Ē Cuz yea, thatís usually how it goes. Donít worry, I wonít buy it.

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