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2005-03-03 - 2:11 p.m.

Iím sitting here watching Oprah and of course, I have been crying all through it. Iím a big baby like that. Damn you, Oprah, for making peoples wildest dreams come true. Anyway, in the past few days I have been walking the dog because the sun has been shining and well, the dog needs walking or heíll bug the crap out of me. When, I am walking alone, thatís the time that I think the best. Unless I have to pee. Then my thoughts are consumed with ďI gotta pee, I gotta pee, I gotta pee Reaaaaal baaaad. I wonder if I squat over by that fence if anyone will see. Itís 20 degrees out do I want to expose my butt? After that stinging nettles fiasco, do I want to risk my ass to anything else? I gotta peeeeeee.Ē And this goes on till I make it home. Oh and for the person who keeps coming here via googling ďgirls pee pantsĒ; you are sick and twisted. Go away.

There hasnít been anything really interesting going on and although I laugh at everything I have nothing even remotely amusing to say. Speaking of which, I really hate that. I mean when I find something so funny Iím wetting my self from laughing and my husband sits there, mildly amused at best. Then I feel like a twit. I just really like stupid comedy. I canít help it. When I watch Americas Funniest Home Videos, I always laugh at the person who falls or gets stuck or whatever. And funny? I watched Shaun of The Dead last night. That was some funny stuff. Gore AND Humor? I loved it. This time even Glen laughed and he doesnít laugh easily.

One other thing that has been on my mind. There are a few popular websites that I read and I am absolutely green with envy from the amount of readers and comments these people get on a daily basis. They can get like, 500 comments by posing the question ďWhat do you call your vagina?Ē Donít get me wrong, I love these women and they are extremely talented, funny and intelligent ladies. They write very well and I come back for more. I just wish I could do half as well. I do want to write a book someday. I think the majority of the people who own blogs or journals or what not all secretly (or not) have the same desire. It helps to know you are noticed. I have never even had a troll. Not that I want one of those but it always seems to spark something in a blog when you get one. All Iím saying is Dooce, Chez Miscarriage, Alittlepregnant, SoClose, (Sorry I am link-incapable cuz I suck at these things) I love you guys, I doÖBut I am so envious of your abilities. Moving right alongÖ.

Iím only 3 Ĺ months away from going home, Home to California and home to see my mom. I really miss my mom. Sheís a little nutty but itís part of her charm. Iím a lot like her. Itís been 2 years since Iíve seen her. Oh, and my dad too. I love hanging out with my dad. One of the things I have always loved about my parents is that I could always talk to them about anything and feel comfortable. That means everything to me and has helped my sanity many a time. I get to go to Disneyland and I get to eat at Red Lobster. I get to go home. I know itís only a couple of months there and then on to Africa. Africa is only a 2 year tour too. Though I am looking forward to it, I just want to go home for awhile. I know I said Iíd post ski pictures too but everyone will just have to wait. Next entry on how McD@nalds never fired me.

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